‘The Blacklist’ season 8 features killer revelations about “Red” Reddington

The Blacklist season 8 is officially returning to the small screens. Moreover, executive producer John Eisendrath promises to expose the web of lies.

Katarina Rostov vows to expose Red for the imposter that he is. Furthermore, Elizabeth Keen is dead set on taking down Red once and for all. The Blacklist season 8 fans are now waiting eagerly on how the mother and daughter team-up will destroy Red.

Katarina Rostov and Red Story

Katarina Rostova is a former KGB agent. Her mission is to seduce and spy on Red Reddington. However, she ended up pregnant with Red’s daughter, Elizabeth Keen. Previous episodes reveal that Red Reddington took Liz from her and Constantin Rostov.

She gave up her life with the KGB to search for her lover and her daughter. Their previous reunion resulted in a physical confrontation. To protect her mother, Liz shot Red and killed him.

Depression got the better of Katarina. Two months after Red’s death, authorities find her clothes at the beach in Cape Town, New Jersey. Authority assumed that she walked into the sea and was never found again.

Season 7 finale details

In a partly animated episode, the finale of the 7th installment of The Blacklist series shows the task force pursuing the Kazanjian brothers. The finale also shows Liz choosing her mother over her father. She had enough of the lies and intrigues spread by Reddington.

For years, Reddington hid behind the half-truths and clues he left in the cases they were investigating. Reddington hiding the truth behind his illness proved to be the last straw for Liz. However, Katarina is a very dangerous spy and someone who is not trustworthy.  She redeemed herself by leaving clues for Red to track her down.

“The Blacklist” season 8 web of lies

Unbeknownst to Reddington, Liz finally decided to side with her mother and betrayed him.  Katarina’s come back has certainly provided a new trajectory for The Blacklist Season 8.  Agent Keen is ramping up her moves to destroy Reddington.

Moreover, the trailer shows Keen and Reddington planning to outwit each other. Season 8 will definitely be a hard-fought battle between father and daughter.

John Eisendrath shares insight on what to expect from season 8. He tells TV Insider:

“We’ll have big swings, big betrayals, big reveals. Katarina has revelations about Red that drive everything to come.”

Katarina seems to have gotten hold of The Sikorski Archive. Reportedly, the archive is a very important file. Besides, it contains secrets connected to Reddington. It also reveals that the file goes back to the beginning of the story.

The Blacklist season 8 will stream via NBC on Nov. 13, 2020. Expectedly, the eighth installment of The Blacklist will arrive on Netflix sometime in September 2021.

Image Courtesy of TV Promos/YouTube Screenshot

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