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‘The Bold Type’ season 4 episode 11: Jane struggles with new body


The Bold Type is returning to the small screen soon. Airing next month is the second half of season 4 starting with episode 11.

According to reports, The Bold Type season 4 episode 11 will premiere on June 11. It’s going to be titled “Leveling Up” and Freeform has already released new photos, synopsis, and teasers.

Fans of the American comedy-drama will get to see the cast once again. Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy are all coming back to reprise their roles and continue the drama surrounding the lives of their characters.

Episode 11 spoilers

As revealed in spoilers, The Bold Type season 4 episode 11 is going to jump three months after Jane’s (Stevens) mastectomy surgery.

She will also be going back to Scarlet with new editorial duties while struggling with body image. Meanwhile, Kat (Dee) will be facing a hard truth when she is forced to take over responsibility.

Sutton (Fahy) on the other hand will be going to her first shoot. It’s also said that there’s going to be shocking news for her that will really turn her world upside down.

Episode 10 recap

The events from the previous episode were nothing short of dramatic and wonderful. For starters, Sutton got married to Richard (Sam Page). But behind the happy day is a resignation from her work as she will be moving to San Francisco after her wedding day.

Meanwhile, Jane realized that she had to let go of her beau Ryan aka Pinstripe (Dan Jeannotte). His infidelity and lying have been a struggle for her throughout the run of season 4.

After listening to Sutton and Richard’s vows, Jane got compelled to break up with Ryan as she wishes to be with someone who can be transparent with her. She gave her a second chance but deep down inside she knew Ryan was still lying.

As for Kat, she got fired from Scarlet Magazine after trying to find some truth in RJ Safford’s (Aidan Devine) fishy transactions.

She successfully got the documents she needed to expose RJ’s funding of a senator who supports conversion therapy. And she also managed to have RJ step down from his position.

But it also cost Kat’s job as she acquired the documents illegally. She is also threatened to be sued because of her actions.

Future of the series

There’s no certainty yet on the future of the series. Stevens disclosed that filming of the show has been halted due to the global health crisis.

They have not wrapped up shooting for the fourth season yet so there’s a possibility that it will end abruptly or it will be put on hold.

It will all depend on when The Bold Type will be able to return to production. Until then, fans will have to stay tuned for more updates.

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