‘The Boys’ season 2: Karl Urban says it’s ‘next-level diabolical’

The Boys Karl Urban

The Boys fans, prepare for another amazing ride as star Karl Urban said that season 2 would be “next-level diabolical.”

Amazon Prime is set to premiere the second season by Sept. 4. Urban said that the latest installment of The Boys would not only be bigger and better but also deeper in terms of storylines.

Speaking with Total Film and GamesRadar+, Urban said that viewers would have a better understanding of his character, Billy Butcher, in the second season. Viewers will recall that Butcher disappeared at the end of season 1, but the circumstances surrounding this will be explained at the onset.

Humanizing the characters

“Season 2 is all about humanizing Butcher,” the actor said. “You come to understand about who he is, and where he came from, and why he is the way he is,” Urban added.

Urban also said that showrunner Eric Kripke didn’t plan to “eclipse season one” with more explosive action scenes when they started working on the second season. Instead, Kripke wanted to go deeper into the characters, which turned out better.

“By putting all these characters into this situation, you just create this wonderful sort of internal conflict,” the actor said. “And so, season 2, for fans of The Boys, is a lot more rich and rewarding.”

Good reviews are coming in

Whatever Kripke and the team on The Boys season 2 did seemed to pay off as good reviews are starting to come in just days before the premiere.

According to Inverse, the new season is so good that every other superhero show “looks like garbage.” The Amazon series managed to raise the bar of the genre, as it did for the first season.

The New York Times stated that the show’s return is more relevant in real life amid the paranoia, frustration, and mistrust in authority brought on by the pandemic. Fair warning, however, the second season is more brutal and more complex. It brings to questions the profoundness of hero worship that will leave viewers with some introspection.

Digital Spy, on the other hand, stated that there are a lot of changes to The Boys season 2. Female empowerment is further highlighted in the series with the introduction of Stormfront (Aya Cash).

Meanwhile, The Boys 2 season won’t have all of its episodes available at once. Amazon plans to drop the first three episodes on Sept. 4. Episodes four to eight’s release will be staggered and ready on the streaming platform every Friday from Sept. 11 until Oct. 9.

Image used courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/YouTube

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