‘The Callisto Protocol’: Striking Distance Studios creates horror game

The Callisto Protocol – A new horror survival game coming to stores in 2022 will change how we perceive the old horror.

If you saw the Game Awards, you surely know that a new game called The Callisto Protocol is in the works. 

Call of Duty and Dead Space game developers are trying their hands out in this game, which will be released in 2022.

The new horror game for future

Striking Distance Studio has quickly developed a team of about 150 members. The Callisto Protocol is a science fiction horror game where developers are working in San Ramon, California.

Glen Schofield, former co-head of Call of Duty studio Sledgehammer Games, has started this company. They got the funding from Krafton (the PUBG Corp).

Schofield has bought abroad all the Dead Space veterans such as Steve Papoutsis, chief development officer.

The game is targeted to launch in the year 2022. It will be the new future for the battleground, which is set off in the distance.

The Callisto Protocol feels like a spiritual successor to Dead Space. With a touch of Alien thrown to it, the playthrough will be completely different from what we usually perceive as the action-horror.

The Callisto Protocol is set on the dead moon of Jupiter.

It is in the year 2320. The storytelling will challenge all the players and push them all together.

The players are asked to be a part of the maximum-security cladded Black Iron Prison-which they will relieve the secrets during the gameplay.

Callisto Protocol is said to be a very ambitious game instead. It will help all the players to rejoin and enjoy team play as well.

Papoutsis says that the game will be huge

Papoutsis has said that the game is in development. The game has over 150 individuals working over it.

More than 150 people are needed to add content and deduct content from the game. A lot of these developers are constantly checking for the quality of the game.

The wonderful studios of Striking Distance are getting huge support from Krafton. Papoutsis have commented that they are immensely grateful to the production house for funding them.

Krafton is really supportive of the creative process. The whole team is looking forward to releasing the game as soon as they can.

They understand that having to support PUBG for so many years has yielded better results.

The team is surely looking forward to better opportunities in the future.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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