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The Cannibal, Hillbilly get improvements in this latest ‘Dead by Daylight’ update


The version 4.1.0 update rolls out for Dead by Daylight and with it are a handful of changes aimed specifically to two of the game’s Killers, The Cannibal and Hillbilly. The changes are aimed at increasing both the risk and the reward when using either type in-game.

The Cannibal Alterations

One of the changes for The Cannibal is on its base kit, particularly on how the chainsaw activates. Originally distinct from the Hillbilly, The Cannibal now mimics how it uses the chainsaw, offsetting the frustration that comes with the archetype. The difficulty boiling down for the need to charge the deadly weapon, only to lose the entire effect if misused.

Another notable change with the chainsaw is the introduction of a bar signifying the weapon’s charges. Overall, there are three charges and is consumed differently commensurate to the user’s usage of the dreaded weapon.

The Chainsaw Sweep automatically consumes a single charge. Pressing the power button in the middle of the sweep, however, extends the action by two seconds more. But doing the aforementioned consumes an additional single charge bar.

While seemingly to the Killer’s advantage, using bars significantly increase the cooldown for both missed attack and tantrum. Missing an opportunity against a Survivor, therefore, grants it a better chance at escape because of the setback.

The Cannibal will also appear significantly faster in the latest update, too. With its speed increased to 5.25 m/s from 5.06 m/s when using power, The Cannibal now gives off the chase with relatively better success.

Then, there are also the add-ons and perk tweaks that make Leatherface deadlier than ever before. But this is dependent on the type, the rarity, and the effect that comes with the add-on.

Hillbilly Changes

The Hillbilly is one of the original rosters of Killers of Dead by Daylight. Generally considered as in a sweet spot for its role, the developers have decided to tinker with it a bit. Essentially, placing a challenge to those who dare main on it.

One of the most notable changes with the Hillbilly is its chainsaw’s Overheat meter. With the addition of this new feature, players can no longer just use the chainsaw willy nilly without repercussions. Instead, they now would need to pay attention to the heat generated whenever revving the weapon.

In general, revving up the chainsaw while in walking or standing position causes heat and therefore raises the Overheat meter fast. Heat accumulation is substantially lower when revving while sprinting. Consequently, not doing the same causes the chainsaw to dissipate it after getting some heat.

Lastly, like The Cannibal, the Hillbilly also gets modifications in both its add-ons and perks. All of which aimed at boosting its capability as the game’s Killer.

Image used courtesy of Dead by Daylight

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