‘The Chi’ season 3: How will the show move forward without Brandon?

'The Chi' season 3: How will the show move forward without Brandon?

The Chi season 3 has just premiered its first episode. And as expected, the show moves on without Brandon.

The Chi is a drama series focusing on the life in a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. It just recently dropped its third season and it does not come without a lot of changes.

For starters, one of the main characters, Brandon, has been killed off in the season plot.

Why was Brandon killed off?

The Chi season 3 kicked off with two opposite events–a wedding and a funeral. The first episode opened with the wedding of Brandon’s mom, whose happiness did not last long.

After 10 minutes into the episode, the setting shifted at a funeral where Brandon’s smiling face picture was in front of the coffin.

It was a tense and heavy scene not only because of Brandon’s death but because fans know that the actor, Jason Mitchell, was fired from the show.

According to reports, Mitchell was removed from the hit Showtime series due to, allegedly, displaying inappropriate on-set misconduct. It’s not specified what it was about but two people reported it.

It’s not just Mitchell who is now no longer part of the show though. Tiffany Boone, who played as Brandon’s love interest Jerrika, also left the series after the fiasco involving Mitchell.

Their absence from the drama has caused some fans to be concerned about how some of the loose threads will be tied together. Brandon and Jerrika are two major characters and have even built a loyal fanbase over the last two seasons.

But now that they’re gone, series creator Lena Waithe had to carry on with new characters and storylines that predominantly follow the rest of the characters’ lives.

In fact, Waithe joins the cast as a progressive lesbian who is preparing for a mayoral run.

Season 3 premiere recap

Aside from the wedding and funeral, season 3 episode 1 also showed Emmet (Jacob Latimore) sneaking away with Keisha (Birgundi Baker) during the reception for some quiet moment.

Keisha admitted that she’s afraid to leave for college. Emmet encourages her not to be scared. Keisha, later on, told him that she’s planning on attending Pepperdine University in California.

Things turned dark though when later on, Keisha goes missing. She was waiting for Nick to pick her up at a bus stop when she disappeared. Her cracked-screen phone on the ground was the only evidence that she was there.

Will Keisha be able to safely return home? Fans will have to stay tuned for more of The Chi season 3.

Featured image courtesy of The Chi on SHOWTIME/YouTube Screenshot

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