‘The Craft: Legacy’ revelations on its magic and story details revealed

Magic in the anticipated sequel to The Craft: Legacy comes in the form of levitation, glamour, and a force spell.  Further, the movie reveals that men can be witches too.

The Craft: Legacy is Columbia Pictures’ Halloween feature film. Produced by Jason Blum, the movie is a soft reboot and sequel to the cult film The Craft. The film highlights the importance of harnessing the power within, especially if this involves the protection of women against male domination and masochism.

“The Craft: Legacy” synopsis

The movie follows Lily Schechner as she discovers her magical powers. She moves into town with her mother, Helen, who is a clinical therapist. Her mother recently remarried, and they would be living with the new husband and his children.

Lily immediately bonds with the three resident witches in her school. Together they discover their powers. They use them to fight perpetrators of bullying, stigmatization, and toxic masculinity. They soon find out that the real enemy is not found in school. They are in the hearths of their own homes.  Lily’s stepfather Adam seemed to be a good person. Only to find out that Adam only married her mother to get to her. Adam is a part of a pagan cult that is after her powers since the beginning.

Adam is central to the ghastly things that are happening in the town. First, he killed Timmy, and then he kidnaps Lily. Her three witch friends arrived in time and rescued her from Adam.

Spirits in the set

Cailee Spaeny told reporters about the weirdness she encountered while filming.

“I remember walking in on my first day and this weight on my chest suddenly hit me. And I’m really not into this kind of stuff, but I felt it right away. It wasn’t scary or anything, but I felt the need to cry. I just felt like there was a lot of sadness. All of the women on set felt it, and none of the men did, which I found interesting.”

Another star, reportedly, left her phone to do a take. When she came back, she found something weird on her camera roll.  An image of a perfect symmetrical orb!

The producers hired a resident witch. Not just to drive the evil spirits away but to lend authenticity to the chants and rituals that were part of the film. The witch spoke with the spirits of the house and explained what was happening. She then continued to pour salt around the perimeter of the house. Everything was just better in the set after that.

Casting details

Aside from Cailee Spaeny, the main stars include Zoey Luna, Gideon Aldon, and Lovie Simone.  David Duchovny plays Adam. Nicholas Galitzine plays the unfortunate bully Timmy.

Image Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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