‘The Croods: A New Age’ releases trailer, the Croods meet the Bettermans

The Croods is back with a new sequel, The Croods: A New Age, and will finally hit the big screen this year. Moreover, the Croods family is yet to encounter another human family, the Bettermans.

Initially released in 2013, The Croods is one of the popular family-friendly films from Dreamworks. Although, the film did not garner the same recognition as How to Train Your Dragon. Now, The Croods: A New Age will send the cave family into new adventures.

The animated film follows the Croods, with their overprotective patriarch, Grug. Throughout the plot, Grug keeps the family alive through a series of rules. At the same time, he teaches them to survive the harsh environment and hunt for food like a pack. When their beloved cave was destroyed, they are forced to journey across the land to find a new home.

The Croods meet the Bettermans

The trailer showed a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming film. The Croods once again embarks on a journey to find a home for themselves. Surprisingly, they encounter a new human family, the Bettermans. It appears that their name completely describes them because they are far more advanced than the Croods.

The Bettermans have better technology and a large farm. Furthermore, the Bettermans portrays a modern way of life, contrary to the Croods’ primitive living. The trailer shows that the two families must learn to deal with each other to save themselves from an upcoming threat.

“The Croods: A New Age” unfolds a new friendship

When the two families meet, Eep becomes instantly attached to the Bettermans’ daughter, Dawn. Together, they build a new friendship and even decided to go on a dangerous adventure outside their perfect paradise home. Thus, the new film gives a significant representation of female friendship.

On a side note, the sequel also centers on the importance of family and human unity. Director Joel Crawford shared his thoughts on the film’s core theme. He stated:

“This film may be a crazy, epic, comedy-adventure, but at its heart, it’s about two very different families discovering that their future is brighter together.”

“The Croods: A New Age” release date

Even with the current pandemic situation, The Croods: A New Age will hit the theaters on November 25. On the contrary, the other Hollywood productions have shifted their release schedules to 2021.

Furthermore, Dreamworks has also decided to push through with the release this year for awards contention purposes.

Image Courtesy of Movie Coverage/YouTube Screenshot

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