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‘The Crown’ might feature adult Prince Harry, Prince William


“The Crown” will conclude its course in Season 6.

Netflix Original The Crown has become a lot more controversial following the release of its fourth season. It has continued to receive a mixed reception from the public due to the contentious portrayals of the British Royals.

Season 4 centered its course on Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. The events portrayed in the show revolve around Margaret Thatcher’s lead in the United Kingdom between 1979 and 1990.

Despite the huge following, series creator Peter Morgan previously said that the show will conclude in Season 6. He also confirmed that the last few episodes will not include the recent events in the lives of the British Royals.

However, the Daily Mail said that The Crown might feature the adult versions of Prince Harry and Prince William. This comes after Omid Scobie shared what he had heard about the royal-based series’ future movements.

The Crown Season 6 featuring Prince Harry and Prince William

Speaking to his podcast Heirpod, the Finding Freedom author shared that he had heard “rumblings” about The Crown‘s plans to extend its course and scope. Reports then concluded that this might be a plan to include the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge in the plotline.

Some publications even asserted that this might even include Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle. However, Scobie recalled that the show’s heads previously noted that the series will end before the two Wales Princes become adults.

British Royal Family “outraged” after learning the speculations

Following Omid Scobie’s assertions, the Daily Express said that this angered members of the British Royal Family. While this remains to be an allegation, the royal author believes that the controversy will have a long-lasting impact on the royal Firm. It will have a “presence” in the British Royals’ lives “for quite some time,” he added.

It makes total sense if the royals are, indeed, “outraged” by the news. Several publications recently reported that many of them, including Prince Charles and Prince William, did not find The Crown Season 4 pleasing.

Royal experts and commentators echoed the sentiments, adding that the series has an “unfair” portrayal of the British Royal Family, particularly the Prince and Princess of Wales. Some even saw the need to emphasize that the show is only a “dramatization” of the real-life events and is “fictional.”

There are no clear updates yet as to when The Crown will return on Netflix for Season 5. But, reports said that a new ten-episode installment will likely arrive in 2021 or 2022.

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