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‘The Crown’ season 4: Gillian Anderson poised for acting nomination as Margaret Thatcher


The Crown season 4 will introduce Gillian Anderson’s formidable character, the Iron Lady, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. This early, the actress is already gaining some acting buzz, including a potential Golden Globes win after 23 years.

The last time Anderson bagged a Golden Globe was in 1997 when she played FBI Agent Dana Scully on The X-Files. Anderson’s big debut in The Crown season 4 puts her toe-to-toe with Olivia Colman, who is also an awards panel favorite. It will be Colman’s second and final year as Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series.

Followers of Golden Derby strongly predict that Anderson will walk away with such an award-winning performance as Thatcher. She is expected to be the antagonistic character against Colman’s royal role.

Historical accounts indicate that Thatcher and the Queen had a frosty relationship. However, the Netflix drama will also show a different side to the Iron Lady as a mother who lost her son in a car racing accident.

Emma Corrin’s Princess Diana takes center stage, too

But Anderson is not the only new addition whom fans of The Crown are excited about. Emma Corrin will also debut as the widely intriguing public figure, Princess Diana.

The actress admitted in an interview that she had to “shut off all the noise” when she landed the iconic part. Corrin shared that it terrified her to play Princess Diana so she needed to stop reading comments and just focus on her job.

The Crown season 4 will cover actual historical events in the British royal family from 1979 to 1990. Aside from the tension with the Queen and the prime minister, the new season will shine the spotlight on the romance and the eventual doomed marriage between Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) and Princess Diana.

Advice to the new Elizabeth

After The Crown season 4, Imelda Staunton will take over as Queen Elizabeth for Colman in season 5 and 6. The latter’s advice for the new monarch is fairly simple: watch out for the wig because it can get itchy.

Colman said that she would have wanted to meet up with Staunton prior to the filming of the final two seasons to exchange notes. However, the pandemic is proving such a hindrance.

“If she calls me, I’ll be so excited,” Colman said.

The Crown season 5 will start production in the middle of 2021. Seasons 1 to 3, on the other hand, are still streaming, while season 4 will drop all 10 episodes on Nov. 15.

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