‘The Crown’ Season 4: Prince Harry in ‘awkward’ position, Prince William angry?

The Crown Season 4: Prince Harry in 'awkward' position, Prince William angry?

The Crown Season 4 arrived on Netflix on November 15.

Prince Harry and Prince William likely have mixed receptions when it comes to Netflix’s The Crown Season 4. The royal-based web series dropped its newest ten-episode installment on the platform on Sunday. It has since received criticisms from several royal experts and commentators, and possibly from the British Royals, as well.

Since the pilot premiere, fans and followers have praised the show for its precision in portraying the royals. However, the tone seemingly changed following the material’s latest series due to its alleged inaccuracies.

It has now placed the Duke of Sussex in an “awkward” position, according to the Daily Mail. Moreover, royal experts now believe that the Duke of Cambridge “detests” the show.

Prince Harry’s deal with Netflix

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle closed a massive deal with Netflix earlier this year. With The Crown Season 4’s controversial plots and portrayals, some experts stated that he is now in a “bear trap” with his transaction.

But, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams argued that he and the Duchess of Sussex are “unlikely” to clash with the streaming giant. He may even agree and support the show’s “derisory portrayals” of the British Royals.

In the end, though, author Penny Junor is certain that this has placed the royal-born Prince in an “awkward” situation. She continued that this only shows how “difficult” it is to mix royalties with the commercial world.


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Prince William is likely angry

It is no longer a secret that some members of the British Royal Family do not find The Crown pleasing or entertaining. Previous reports revealed that there are a few of them who do not watch the show, including Prince William.

Following Season 4’s noise in the media, royal experts speculated that this would “anger” the Duke of Cambridge. He would be “deeply upset” alongside the other British Royals.

Penny Junor explained that the “grotesque” and “unfair” portrayal of Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, even the Queen and her Prince Consort, are the things that would stir these kinds of emotions. Although some of the events “might be real,” most of the details, including the conversations, are a “complete fabrication.”

She added that The Crown Season 4 now covers the events that most of the public could remember, and this is what makes it “incredibly damaging.” Nevertheless, Peter Morgan, the show’s creator, would not probably deny this, Junor said.

The Crown Season 4 centers on Prince Charles and Princess Diana

The fourth season of the royal-based show centers on Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. It covers real-life events that happened in the lives of the British Royals from 1979 up to 1990, according to Radio Times. Accordingly, it highlights the start and downfall of the Wales couple’s marriage. It also includes the controversial affair of the Prince of Wales and the now-Duchess of Cornwall.

The Crown Season 4 is the penultimate installment of the show’s run. Season 5 will kick off filming in Summer 2021 and will likely arrive on Netflix the following year.


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