‘The Crown’ Season 6 to cover Sussexes, Megxit?

'The Crown' Season 6 to cover Sussexes, Megxit?

Will “The Crown” Season 6 cover Sussex wedding and Megxit?

Earlier this year, series creator Peter Morgan announced that The Crown would conclude its course in the fifth season. Although the exact details of the installment have remained undisclosed, reports noted that the fourth is just about to arrive on Netflix.

Five months after, however, Morgan reportedly changed his tone. As it happened, Netflix ordered another season for the royal series, according to BBC.

“The Crown” Season 4 in 2020

In November 2019, The Crown Season 3 dropped on the streaming giant. Since then, fans have continued to wait for the new season to arrive.

But, just like its predecessors, the fourth season will arrive on Netflix in late 2020. Despite this, there is no specific release date yet, as per reports.

Season 4 will reportedly cover the late 70s and early 80s period. This is why fans can expect the arrival of Princess Diana’s character, as well as the young Prince William’s.

As for the main cast, the actors from Season 3 will reprise their roles for the next installment. However, there will be changes, once again, for The Crown Season 5.

"The Crown" Season 4 in 2020

Details for Season 5

There are speculations that the final two seasons of the Netflix material will drop on the platform in 2021 or 2022 and 2023 or 2024, respectively. However, the series heads and executives have yet to confirm the matter. Nevertheless, hints about the plots and timelines are already apparent in most fans’ discussions.

The Crown Season 5 will likely cover the fallout of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, according to EnStars. If this is the case, then the coverage will most likely center on the late 80s period. Accordingly, it will also include the death of the Princess of Wales, as well as the Duke of Sussex’s birth.

Will Season 6 cover Megxit?

Following the announcement that The Crown will end its course in Season 6, many fans have wondered whether it will include events from recent years. As stated, the original plan was to cover the 90s period for the fifth season. So, considering that there is an extension, it reportedly makes sense why avid fans are speculating that the final installment will reach the current events, like the controversial “Megxit.

Amid all the speculations, the series creator reportedly quashed all these talks following the announcement. He confirmed that the final installment will not bring the fans to the “present day.” The Crown Season 6 will simply give the platform for the show “to cover the same period in greater detail,” Peter Morgan said.


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