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‘The Crown Tundra’ Calyrex steed guide: Glastrier or Spectrier


Pokemon Sword and Shield’s “The Crown Tundra” DLC legendary Pokemon, Calyrex, plays a crucial role in its story. Once a revered king who was reduced to being just a myth, part of the DLC’s plot is the restoration of the legendary Pokemon to its former glory.

One of the ways to do just that is to reunite the “king” Pokemon with its stalwart steed, which comes in one of two forms. Story-wise, there could only be one kind of this horse Pokemon. But the game offers players the option to choose between two forms—an ice type or a ghost type steed with an appellation of Glastrier and Spectrier, respectively.

The idea, essentially, borrows from the same design that sees players having to choose between either Urshifu evolutions to grow into Kubfu. While both variants are distinctly different from the outset and on stats, the two are but one and the same.

Inherent traits

Competitive players who find elements and status to weigh more than anything else will greatly consider the two parameters which the two Pokemon inhabit. One is an ice type, which makes it significantly strong and weak against certain elements. Similarly, a ghost type is also substantially strong and weak against specific elements.

Status-wise, Glastrier has an upper hand when it comes to attack and defense, but is also relatively slow. With strengths that draw seemingly on the physical, this ice type Pokemon makes for a formidable tank. Spectrier, on the other hand, is quick and has a strong special attack, although weaker in defense in comparison. This, in turn, makes it adept at quick strikes and dealing against opponents with relatively weak special defense.

Looks department

Although not as important as the inherent abilities that either variant possesses, many would undeniably see the comparison in the physical design, too. As far as the looks department is concerned, Spectrier could win favor for its exquisite, dark looks, unsurprising to a ghost type. However, those who prefer a clean and minimalistic appearance would see preference over to Glastrier.

Rider form

With that in mind, it is also worth noting that Calyrex and its steed can either play dependently or independently from one another. The former of which would see the legendary king Pokemon atop the horse Pokemon. In addition, Calyrex will also see boosted status and changed elements as a result of taking the rider form. Depending on the variant, this could see Calyrex with either an ice or ghost as part-element and acquire corresponding status strengths.

Image used courtesy of Austin John Plays/YouTube Screenshot

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