‘The Crown Tundra’ DLC offers 100 percent catch rate of legendary Pokemons

Pokemon Sword and Shield - The Crown Tundra DLC trailer snapshot

Trainers who are looking to add another legendary Pokemon to their Pokedex will find the endeavor easier as Pokemon Sword and Shield’s “The Crown Tundra” DLC offers a 100 percent catch rate for its mythical pocket monster.

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s second and final DLC is releasing in several days. With it comes another several hours of a journey into new territory. As with any new territory in the game, Pokemons, both new and returning, play center stage to it.

Some of these reversive Pokemon will, however, come with a twist by featuring their Galarian versions. While that is interesting, more so are the new faces that Game Freak is debuting in this latest entry in the series.

New legendary Pokemons

As is true to tradition, part of these new Pokemon would include monsters of legendary status, which make for a peculiar interest to both the game’s lore and the game’s overall experience. However, making for an interesting twist is in how the game developer is making these legendary monsters an easy catch in the game.

Players who already had the experience of what Pokemon Sword and Shield offers as part of its gameplay should probably get the logic behind the idea. If not, then the notion actually boils down to how players encounter the said legendary Pokemons—in dens.

To the unaware, encountering and eventually beating monsters in dens actually does grant players absolute catch rate over that Pokemon. A certainty that is ensured by the massive “ball”—or Gigantamax ball—that the player throws at the Pokemon in an attempt to catch it in its Gigantamax form. In essence, it transforms into something with a catching rate similar to that of the “Master ball.”

Combat is the real challenge

While that may sound like a bummer for its ease, the difficulty of the undertaking is actually found in something else. Gigantamax Pokemons, after all, are a lot stronger and tougher than their non-Gigantamax versions. Basically, they are harder to defeat, typically taking a group to accomplish the feat. Therefore, also usually time-consuming, to say the least.

If that speaks against a battle to a single Gigantamax/Dynamax Pokemon, imagine doing so against three of the same in a row. Not to mention that the DLC’s legendary Pokemon would follow after the trio. In “The Crown Tundra,” this is where the conundrum would draw from. Hence, making the task of catching the legendary monsters an absolute feat. The players already deserve it that much at that point after all the trouble.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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