‘The Crown Tundra’ DLC: Ultra Beasts and where to find them

Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra Ultra Beasts

The arrival of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s second and last DLC has brought with it rich contents that make The Tundra Crown an engaging experience from start to finish.

For players who are seeking the complete experience, that is indeed what they would have to do—complete the DLC’s story, including the quests that involve catching the legendaries. That is, with the intention of eventually coming across the 11 returning monsters, technically not Pokemon, from Pokemon Sun and Moonthe Ultra Beasts.

In particular, players would have to go through all quests made by figuring out the Legendary Clues, all three of them. This meant having gone through getting all the Regis, the three legendary birds, and having restored Calyrex to its former glory. Otherwise known as The Legendary Giants, The Bird Pokemon of Legend, and The King of Bountiful Harvests quests, respectively.

Fourth and final legendary clue

Having technically gone through all of The Crown Tundra’s story and completed the three aforementioned quests, a fourth Legendary Clue will appear. Specifically, the final clue will present itself as part of the plot involving Peony accidentally dropping it for you to see.

Looking at the clue, it shows an image of Max Lair with a glowing hole on top. Which is clearly an indicator of the wormhole where Ultra Beasts enter from. A display that should give the idea to those who had previous experience with either Pokemon Sun and Moon or Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Speaking to Peony after coming across the fourth and final clue, a few cutscenes will take place. Subsequently, the event will pave the way for you to finally meet and capture the Ultra Beasts.

For reference, here are the 11 Ultra Beasts that can be caught:

  1. Blacephalon
  2. Buzzwole
  3. Celesteela
  4. Guzzlord
  5. Kartana
  6. Naganadel
  7. Nihilego
  8. Pheromosa
  9. Poipole
  10. Stakataka
  11. Xurkitree

Catching Ultra Beasts

With the Ultra Beasts revealed, the task of capturing them should be a fairly challenging undertaking. One that will see players traversing the depths of the Dynamax Adventures den and with the hopes of meeting an Ultra Beast at the end. Which Ultra Beast you will encounter at the deepest level of the Dynamax Adventures will vary randomly, however.

Players who had gone through both the base game and The Isle of Armor would have built up strong Pokemons. But catching an Ultra Beast is not necessarily easy. It pays to come prepared before braving the deepest recesses of the Dynamax Adventures den.

Image used courtesy of Sirloin/YouTube Screenshot

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