‘The Crown Tundra’s three Galarian Legendary Birds showcase rivalry in-game

Pokemon Sword and Shield 'The Crown Tundra' gameplay trailer snapshot

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s The Crown Tundra’s version of the Legendary Birds are not just extra monsters for the taking as they play a narrative role in the events that will take place within the DLC.

Kanto’s original bird trio is making an appearance in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. But, this time, featuring their Galarian versions that see Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres bearing different elements and looks.

Articuno, which is known for its literally cold nature, is a Flying/Psychic-type; Zapdos, which is known for its, also literal, electrifying presence, is a Flying/Fighting-type; and Moltres, which is known for its fiery comportment, is a Flying/Dark-type. Coinciding the alterations in the three birds’ affinities are their visual depictions that correspond to the element they uniquely represent.

Birds of various feathers

Although these alterations make for an interesting approach to an otherwise trite inclusion, part also of the excitement comes with the three Pokemons’ role in the game’s storytelling. This is a crucial aspect of The Crown Tundra DLC that gives a set-piece moment that highlights the rivalry among the legendary Pokemons.

The notion that there’s contention among the Galarian versions of the bird trio directly contrasts their lore in Kanto. A location where they play a pivotal role in setting the balance of the environment. An equilibrium that cannot be upset, lest chaos ensues, which is indeed what was shown in the animation film, Pokemon 2000.

The hunt for the three birds

However, for trainers, the interest over the legendary trio boils down to their catching. For that, the developers at Game Freak is making it a more immersive experience via a unique sub-quest to each Pokemon. This will entail players to do some leg walking, all while targeting each bird and with the goal of capturing them.

Seemingly simple the task from the outset, it is anything but. Each Galarian legendary bird will employ their own unique gimmick to make the feat less as easy to accomplish. Essentially, challenging the players to become more prepared before heading on the undertaking.

It is hard to gauge how difficult the goal would be. Everyone can, however, expect it to be within the same degree of difficulty as catching Kanto’s original version.

A unique kind of challenge

However, it is also worth noting that the developers are trying something new in The Crown Tundra DLC. Which, if anything, could mean a different approach to how the catching aspect of the three Legendary Birds would be.

The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield will officially launch on Oct. 22, 2020.

Image used courtesy of PokeTips/YouTube Screenshot

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