The crypto trading simulator apps that will teach you how to trade


There’s no doubt the cryptocurrencies are the next stage in the world of finance. There are several of them about and they are slowly gaining new users. As more and more people start using them they should become the norm in a couple of years. But, what makes them so popular?

Well, they’re decentralized currencies that offer their users total autonomy over their assets. Furthermore, the transactions happen online which is much more convenient. The assets are stored in digital wallets and they, along with the users, are kept safe thanks to user anonymity.

Tech trends have been adopted by the gaming industry before and cryptocurrencies are no exception. Game developers were inspired by this trend to create several such titles. It all started with CyptoKitties in 2017. Nowadays there are several crypto titles on the market.
Some of them are card games, while others are matching games. For those of you that are looking to start crypto trading, you’ll be happy to know that there are several trading simulation apps available. There are those that focus solely on Bitcoin, like Bitcoin Profit, and there are those that focus on several virtual currencies. In that regard, here are some crypto trading apps you can try:

Altcoin Fantasy

You’ll need to gather ACF points, the virtual currency in the game, and make smart trading decisions in this game if you’re looking to become a skilled trader. Market analysis is crucial to staying on the top and you’ll sharpen your skills with competitions that offer prizes in real cryptocurrency amounts. You even have a Private Contest mode where you can set up competitions for you and your buddies. Alternatively, you don’t need to learn anything and rely on a trading platform like the Immediate Edge app.

This is a platform that does the trading for you, to put it simply. That’s why you’ll need an account and a small budget to starts with. Naturally, it needs user input to function which puts you in charge of its settings. But you’ll need to learn how they work before using them which is why you’ve got a training session included. When that’s done and dusted you can go for a live session. Afterward, you’ll get 10 free withdrawals per month. Afterward, you’ll get charged a small fee for your withdrawals. But it’s a small price to pay when compared to what the platform offers.


This is another simulation app that offers all the popular cryptocurrencies and gives you the time, virtual currency, and tools to trade with. When you sign up you’ll get an account with 20,000 virtual USD. It makes you feel like a trader in a market and allows you to trade with single crypto or as much of them as you want.

You can go for the popular virtual currencies or go for the new ones on the market. That way you’ll build up your portfolio and rise in the ranks of crypto traders. This will result in you having better skills once you start trading for real.


Niffler is a unique trading simulator app when it comes to cryptocurrency trading because it covers all the aspects of trading. This means you won’t just learn how to sell and buy assets, but you’ll also learn how to use leverage, shorting a position, going long, and more. When you get enough experience you’ll get the Verified status and you’ll be able to advise the rookies in the game.


There are many trading simulator apps available on the market, and all you need to do is take your pick. You’ll also need to be aware of the popular virtual currencies and their values if you’re going to become a successful trader.

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