The ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ social team is lamenting right now


Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed yet again, and this time its social media is paying for it. The social media team is experiencing a “backlash” of sorts.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now coming out on December 10 with a three-week delay. The original November release date seemed as ironclad as it can be until today. The CP2077 Twitter is feeling the burden of their assurances to their fans.

CP2077 Twitter is now depressed

So far, it seems the Cyberpunk Twitter account is undergoing some type of depressed state. They were initially confident engaging with fans asking if the November 19 date was confirmed.

“Full confirmation!” said their tweet earlier this week. However, a more depressing sight is how they look back at it now, all with a crunchy expletive. The social media team even went back to an October post that asked what was happening.

“No more delays happening,” they said last October 6, but now they’re a little less confident about their answers. “Would anyone notice if we delete this real quick?”

The social media team tried to put off the fires within the entire fandom. They’re doing their best, and even with the worst news, they’re having so far. It helps, however, that they fostered a welcoming community.

Many fans ask how the social media team is doing, seeing how “gutted” they are. They respond with something real that people understand.

“Of course we are,” said the team. “This sucks – who enjoys letting fans & community down?”

CP2077 staff also in shambles

The delay for Cyberpunk 2077 left their social media team in shambles. It feels as if they’re going through the stages of grief with every new tweet. It helps that they can poke fun at themselves now and then.

The numerous delays also made the entire team question if the game exists. After all, they started the development of the game as early as 2012.

“Even I’m starting to think the game isn’t real, and I’m playing it right now,” said Patrick K. Mills, one of the quest designers for the game. “All of this is just my dying hallucinations.”

What’s sad about the entire situation is that the whole team only found out about the delay together with the media. According to pundit Jason Schreier, the email blast for the announcement included the staff and the media alike.

“All of them found out at the same time we did – CDPR sent an internal email simultaneously with the public tweet,” Schreier said in reply to a query.

It’s a good thing that Cyberpunk 2077 fans are quite understanding of their situation. They built a fandom that believes in their product and willing to wait for its best iteration.

Featured image courtesy of Cyberpunk 2077/Youtube Screenshot

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