‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ canceled? An ‘expensive disappointment’

Netflix may have quietly canceled its fantasy series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance despite its recent Emmy win.

The streamer has yet to make the cancellation official, but a shake-up at Netflix might change its course. Cindy Holland acquired The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance for the streaming platform a few years ago. However, the company fired the executive this September.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, insiders said that Holland made a pricey mistake with the children’s show even as it won the 2020 Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Program. The insider said that the series was an “expensive disappointment” despite its uniqueness as a puppet animated series.

Other details of the fate of the fantasy show are still unclear. However, the producers might have hinted on the improbability of returning to the set, amid this present public health crisis.

A bigger problem for the biggest puppet production

Speaking with SyFy Wire, producer Lisa Henson didn’t mention the renewal or cancellation status of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. She said, however, that there are challenges to working on the second season because the show is still essentially a live-action shoot.

“The COVID concerns are perhaps even multiplied because we have such large crews,” Henson said. “It’s interesting because we like to say that The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was the biggest puppet production in history. It looks delicate, it looks beautiful, but it’s an incredibly large endeavor.”


Henson also said that some of their puppets require two to three people who have to stand next to each other for the movements. Work on this show is “very, very physical,” so they cannot possibly do the same things they’ve done before with the virus threat.

The producer said that they are not yet thinking about a big production.

“We’re taking it real slow,” Henson said.

No clear idea for season 2

Henson also hinted that they do not have a clear idea for the second season. The mythology of this children’s show has a “really rich material” that they could continue where season 1 ended or develop a new story.

The producer said that they took time coming up with the first season’s scrips. However, they had to cut back on the plots to focus on the characters. The series was originally going to have 13 episodes, but Netflix cut its order to 10.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance season 1 remains streaming on Netflix.


Image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube

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