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‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ gets next game revealed


The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan was yet another exciting horror entry from Supermassive Games. It’s been a while since the release of that title, but now, Supermassive is finally giving us a glimpse of the next game in the collection.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is developed to be a series of horror games by Supermassive Games, with the first one being Man of Medan, which released last year. The next game in the series is Little Hope, and it was unveiled with a creepy trailer.

From the look of things, Little Hope is a huge step up from the horrors found in Man of Medan.

What is Little Hope?

Little Hope is a completely different story from Man From Medan, featuring a new setting and cast. Instead of an abandoned ship at sea, players will now be stuck in a small town that was once the site for historic witch trials.

Throughout the game, players will be haunted by all of the horrors that befall the victims of the witch trials. However, we’ve yet to see who the actual antagonists are in the game.

As this is a standalone title, players will not need to play Man of Medan to get the full Little Hope experience. However, players are hoping that data from the previous game will carry over to this new one, such as their surviving characters from the ship.

From the look of things, Little Hope will not differ much in terms of gameplay. This means players will have to go through the story-centric games and be on high alert as quick-time events or QTEs could suddenly appear.

As with Man of Medan, choices will matter in Little Hope, and wrong ones could lead to some of the characters dying.

Why Little Hope needs to be successful

Supermassive Games have been banking the horror genre as of late. It started with the successful Until Dawn for the PlayStation 4, which was followed by a spin-off VR title, which wasn’t as regarded.

Fans had high hopes for Man of Medan considering how big a success Until Dawn was, but the game was met with a mixed reception. Most fans critiqued the game’s slow pace, and heavy reliance on jump scares for horror. The Dark Pictures Anthology will have several games under its name, but if Supermassive Games’ releases aren’t successful, this could mean lesser titles for them.

Little Hope will launch for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this summer despite the current trend of delays in gaming.

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