‘The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes’: Trailer, memorabilia, and release date

The Dakr Pictures: House of Ashes official trailer

A trailer for Supermassive’s latest project House of Ashes sheds light on what audiences can expect on the developing title.

Dubbed The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes, the game follows the same formula that is known to the franchise. That is, as a horror-thriller title that involves blood, gore, and deaths. As per video, the game revolves around a group of soldiers who wound up in an empty crypt somewhere in Iraq. However, the place in question is anything but completely desolate as it’s lived by an ancient creature that has thirst for human blood.

Danger That Lurks

While coming off as completely oblivious to the brothers in arms, said creature would later be identified as Pazuzu. Which, according to an archaic Mesopotamian religion, is an underworld demon. Essentially a game of cat-and-mouse as seen from the developer’s previous titles, the player’s choices also have consequences later in it.

But knowing the franchise, things may not always be as it seems from the outset. It is not yet sure whether House of Ashes will offer a similar twist. Although anything really is possible from a creative team who have done incredible job at creating intrigue in its games.

Pazuzu’s actual presence in the game may be a subject of question and ambiguity. However, Supermassive Games have decided to immortalize its concept with a 10-centimeter figure, which should appeal to collectors. It is not just this item that is the sole memorabilia, however. Adding to the overall stuff that will-be owners of one of the game’s packages is a slew of other goodies. Namely, a large special box, some stickers, Eclipse pins, and an art print. All of these also making for an addition to the actual game itself once it releases.

Different Package Offers

Those tight in the budget or who simply wants to experience the game may opt for some cost-cutting option. For instance, players can choose to buy the game only, whether physically or digitally, and save themselves the unnecessary expense of optional tangible items. Or, in the case of those with a little more budget, choose for the base game with some of the goodies mentioned.

House Of Ashes is the third installment in The Dark Pictures anthology, which adds to both Man of Medan and Little Hope. Still a developing title, it is slated for release on October 22, 2021 across multiple supported platforms. Specifically, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Image used courtesy of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe/YouTube Screenshot

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