‘The Dark Pictures: Little Hope’ details—Release Date, pre-orders, and more

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope trailer snapshot

Another entry into the Dark Pictures anthology, Little Hope, is already nearing its release following a delay amid the ongoing pandemic.

For fans of Supermassive Games’ titles, this date cannot come soon enough. Luckily, eager fans need not have to wait long, considering the Oct. 30, 2020 launch window.

In just a little more than a month before the game officially releases, retailers are already putting up pre-orders for the game. The game will become available for pre-order in three different versions, which cater to various types of consumers. Two of which are considered “special editions” and will come with more content than just the game itself.

Standard Edition

Players who are tight on the budget but are more than willing to shell out some cash for the game can choose to pre-order the standard edition. It only costs $30. This will be inclusive of only the game on either PS4, Xbox One, or PC. As of writing, the game is already up for pre-ordering on the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Store, and Steam.

Alternatively, a physical copy of the game is also up for pre-order on either Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop. Among the three, pre-ordering via Amazon will make an appealing choice for its release-day shipping and guarantee on pre-order pricing.

Special Bundle Edition

For everyone else who has a bigger budget to dispose of, adding a further $30 will get you the Special Bundle edition. On top of the actual physical copy itself, this bundle also comes attached with other goodies. They include a steel bookcase that has enough slots to hold all entries in the series and a physical ragdoll. This particular version is exclusive for pre-ordering at the Bandai Namco Store.

Collector’s Edition (Europe Only)

If you are from Europe, then you are at a special treat as the Collector’s Edition is exclusive in the region. As the superior edition, the Collector’s version comes with everything the Special Bundle has, in addition to few more freebies. The additions being a Dark Pictures Anthology world cloth map and two collectible pins.

Europeans—or anyone in Europe at the time of pre-ordering—can avail of the Collector’s Edition for 49.99 Euros, which is either for the PS4 or Xbox One. However, those who are not as keen as getting their hands on a physical copy of the game (rather, digital), but love the idea of the tangible merch, can instead pre-order the PC Collector’s Edition for 39.99 Euros.

“The Dark Pictures: Volume 1” Digital Bundle

Alternatively, for those who are venturing into the anthology for the first time, a limited edition, Volume 1, copy can be pre-ordered as well. For $50, The Dark Pictures: Volume 1 delivers both Man of Medan and Little Hope under a single, digital package.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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