‘The Dark Pictures: Little Hope’ gets improvement, game inspiration revealed

The Dark Pictures' 'Little Hope' Official Logo

Bound for release as a second installment in The Dark Picture Anthology, Little Hope gets a dev diary episode where Supermassive Games talked about what changed in the game from the first and where its influences draw root.

The dev diary features the CEO of the award-winning company, Pete Samuels, where he narrates the video footage.

Similar But Improved

As the game is essentially a sibling to the Man of Medan, the first in eight, Samuels claim that Little Hope will be both similar and different to it. The similarities are primarily boiling down to the nature and number of characters that appear in the game.

But while the event in Man of Medan sees a group of people getting kidnapped, Little Hope offers something different yet familiar. Fans of Konami’s popular IP will see semblance with the game’s overarching theme in Little Hope, involving a ‘dense fog.’ That and being trapped amid an unsettling mist.

Inspired from Many Sources

Based on the video, Samuels admits to the game having inspirations from places, not just Silent Hill, and going as far back as around the real-life happening during the Andover and Salem Witch Trials. It also draws inspiration to something more recent, albeit fictional movies, like The Blair Witch and The Witch.

With the studio close to the site where a 1976 horror film by Richard Donner was shot, another inspiration for the game is the movie, The Omen.

Samuels, also the director of The Dark Pictures, talks further, eventually discussing the creation of the costumes seen in the game. One that requires deep knowledge on the topic as it depicts characters from an era far bygone in history.

Learning from the criticisms they got from Man of Medan, Samuels also talks about the improvements to see in Little Hope. Most notable of which is the better camera. In addition, players will also see faster movements in each character, too.

Quality of Gameplay Enhancements

Further enhancements borne from feedbacks include better controls and improved user-interface. Adding more intuition into the game is a more elaborate context when coming across interactive objects.

Returning to the game is its couch and online multiplayer. Critics claim it to be the best feature in the series as of yet.

Players who find Man of Medan to be an engaging title and cannot wait for Little Hope could also try Supermassive Games’ PS4-exclusive title, Until Dawn.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Bandai Namco Entertainment America

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