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‘The Dark Pictures: Little Hope’ not so different from ‘Man of Medan’


The Dark Pictures: Little Hope has a new trailer out in the wild this weekend. Even then, the game is not so different from its predecessor, Man of Medan.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope video shows a few familiar tropes we know. It gives off a little fog, a group of people stuck in darkness, and some Will Poulter mixed in. The trailer is reminiscent of Blair Witch, with some Silent Hill and The Nun shenanigans too.

Little Hope shows off a promising story through the footage

Basing off the gameplay trailer, Little Hope seems like a promising interactive horror game. It takes a lot of the interactivity that Until Dawn started and works its way through details. The environmental storytelling that the video gives off is stellar.

Much like all entrants of The Dark Pictures, how players look at their perspective is crucial. The footage shows the player taking over Will Poulter’s Andrew, with Ellen David’s Angela left behind. As the fog thickens, they separate from their group, and visages come out of the woodwork.

So far, Little Hope does little to set itself apart from Man of Medan. The intense horror is there, with the interactive elements still similar to the previous title. While the game offers a more engaging story, but there’s not much to write home about.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope follows an almost similar path to Man of Medan. There are a couple of responses to every conversation, up to three in some cases. Every choice allows players to pick an emotion they want to convey to others.

Supermassive looking to go beyond Man of Medan

What works for Little Hope is their much improved active camera system. Players can move around the camera better with Andrew under control. It’s a push towards giving players more agency, as per Supermassive.

“We have added a new camera system which allows players in certain levels to have full 360-degree control of the camera,” said Pete Samuels, CEO of Supermassive.

There is no definite release date for Little Hope yet, considering the delays. The game underwent delays, mostly due to the pandemic. World events pushed the title to a potential Q3 release from a Q2 window.

Even with the delays, fans should wait more, as the game seems to be on the fast track. The trailer is promising, albeit a bit similar to the first game. Even then, there’s little point to passing judgment to the trailer until the game comes out.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope will come out for PC, Playstation, and Xbox. The game is second in an eight-part anthology for The Dark Pictures franchise.

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