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‘The Detective is Already Dead’ anime adaptation will be hitting the small screen soon


Fans are about to see the anime adaptation of The Detective is Already Dead. The Kadokawa Live Novel Expo 2020 announced the new anime’s coming.

The announcement comes with an official trailer, giving a glimpse of the characters in their full animation glory. Fans are about to see a new kind of detective crime thriller story as The Detective is Already Dead will soon drop.

Plot, trailer, and more

The upcoming anime will feature a blend of romance, comedy and everything in between. It will also feature a little mystery to complete the tale.

Based on Nigojuu’s light novel series, it tells the story of Kimihiko. He is a former famous high school detective who stepped down from his seat after a tragic accident.

However, despite his retirement, crisis and problems continuously hunt him. This will force him to return to his old work.

The promotional video, via Epic Dope, introduced fans to Kimizuka, an assistant detective of a famous detective. This put him in a new world,  a complete opposite of his boring life.

He is on a plane with a stunning blue-eyed girl named Siesta. However, knowing that Kimizuka is a crisis magnet, something is about to happen to them while onboard.

In the next scene, Siesta is already fighting a purple creature. She will then pull out a gun, which seems to be a surprise knowing she’s inside a plane.

From there, a story about the assistant will begin in The Detective is Already Dead after the detective dies.

New anime details, cast, release date, and more

The Detective is Already Dead’s cast member will include Shin Nagai as Kimizuka, Saki Miyashita as Siesta, and Ayana Taketatsu as Nagisa. It also features Kanon Takao as Saikawa, Saho Shirasu as Anderson, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Komori, and Takehito Koyasu as Chameleon.

Manabu Kurihara will be directing the new anime at the ENGI studio, while Deko Akao will be in charge of the script. Yosuke Ito will handle the character designs, Anime News Network noted.

The light novel series’ first volume was first published in November 2019. Its illustrations aby Umibozu under Kadokawa’s MF Bunko J imprint.

Its different kind of story has won the 15th MF Bunko J newcomer award in the same year it was published.

Mugiko launched a manga adaptation of the novel in the Monthly Comic Alive in May 2020.

The anime is yet to reveal when The Detective is Already Dead will officially drop, but it’s expected to release in July. It can be seen on AT-X, BS-NTV, and Tokyo MX.

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