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‘The Devil is a Part-Timer’ Season 2: Will it still see the light of the day?


It has been nearly eight years since fans last saw Sadao Maou or Satan on the small screens, and until now, there’s no news of his return. Does this mean The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 is already canned?

Fans have been waiting for an official announcement of The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2, but nothing comes to fruition yet. With the lengthy non-update, will it still see the light of the day?

The clamor for the second season

The show has been known for its hilarious theme, but the first season seems to conclude with an open ending.

The story seems to close abruptly, not giving a proper closure to the narrative or the characters themselves.

With this, fans are clamoring for The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 and to give Satan and the gang the appropriate ending they need.

In the first season, Satan was forced to go to modern-day Tokyo through the dimensional portal after experiencing a defeat in Ente Isla’s conquest.

Fortunately, he was accompanied by his loyal commander, Shirou. With no idea of what they’re going to do in the human world and without any demonic powers, they started working.

The two worked hard to make ends meet. Using the name of Sadou, Satan worked part-time at Mg Ronald’s.

However, aside from having something to eat, he wanted to climb the corporate ladder and dominate the world himself.

Second season’s possible details

Until now, there are no news about The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2. The second season’s coming is yet to be announced, let alone the renewal.

Originally a light novel by Satoshi Wagahara, Season 1 only adapted its five volumes. The manga has 21 volumes, so there are enough materials for the second season to continue.

If it adapts volume 6 onwards, Satan and Emi will become parents, per Epic Dope. A baby, who’s not a kid of anyone, will be part of their lives and will add more hilarity to their funny, eccentric story.

However, will it find its way on the small screens?

TV Season Spoilers stressed that it’s quite impossible with the anime’s popularity that it will be canceled. In fact, despite the almost eight years of delay, it remains to be relevant until today.

A lot of fans are still talking about it and hoping for its return.

Hopefully, White Fox will continuously do The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2, or a new studio may pick up the series.

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