‘The Division’ will be absent in this year’s Ubisoft Forward event


In another game that Ubisoft won’t show off, The Division won’t be a part of this year’s Ubisoft Forward 2021, including updates about Heartland and The Division 2.

Ubisoft Forward shows off many of the company’s games every year. With so many titles, Ubisoft needs to temper expectations, and they’re doing just that. The Division won’t receive any dev updates on the show.

The Division teams still hard at work

Ubisoft is being extra picky with the games they’re showing in the upcoming Ubisoft Forward event. The French gaming company has a lot on its plate, but it’s also eliminating a ton of titles well before.

Recently, Ubisoft already shot down Prince of Persia: Sands of Time among the games they’ll show an update for. They did not cite any reason for it but the devs seem to have issues that go far beyond anything they can tell the public.

With that said, the company will move forward with their event. Another game that’s getting the axe for Ubisoft Forward 2021 is one of their much-awaited shooter titles. According to a tweet, Ubisoft won’t provide updates for The Division 2 or The Division Heartland.

“We won’t be at Ubisoft Forward this year, but we invite you all to tune in alongside us to hear the exciting announcements across other Ubisoft titles,” noted the post.

“The Division Teams are still hard at work; new content for The Division 2 is on track for the year of the year, while Heartland will have additional tests available for players interested in signing up. We look forward to sharing more information when we can.”

More Tom Clancy titles propping up

The Division will get “additional tests” from the devs and early test phases in the near future. A spin-off should not be too far into the future too. Fans saw a glimpse of the upcoming title last May too through leaked gameplay.

Content for the upcoming The Division 2 is on track, so this proves Ubisoft has not given up on it. This is a good sign for Ubisoft, even if they don’t have any clear updates they can give soon.

More Tom Clancy titles are also propping up. Rainbow Six Quarantine is now titled Rainbow Six Extraction, which should receive a full reveal in the upcoming Ubisoft Forward event.

With The Division not receiving any air time, other titles will get more updates. For those interested, it’s best to check Ubisoft’s website for their schedule of titles. Ubisoft Forward will kick off on June 12 3PM EST.

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