The DualSense controller doesn’t work on PS4, but does on Switch

DualSense controller and an 8BitDo wireless adapter

Despite a design that sees the DualSense controller working only natively with the PlayStation 5, a surprising discovery shows that the next-gen Sony console gamepad has an unintentional working functionality with the Nintendo Switch.

Making the discovery is a Twitter user, BrokenGamezHDR, who showed via video how the PS5 controller works externally for the hybrid console.

Different controllers, similar response

Further revelation from the user suggests the use of a peripheral, 8BitDo adapter—an oftentimes necessary accessory for using certain wireless controllers with the Switch. Basically, acting as an intermediator between the controller and the Nintendo console.

Mimicking the Pro controller, the DualSense controller functions similarly, based on displayed button presses. Specifically, the “O” button on the PS5 controller reacts synonymously to pressing the “A” button on the Pro controller. Likewise, the “X,” “Square,” and “Triangle” buttons function as “B,” “Y,” and “X” buttons, respectively.

More than just a response to button presses, the PS5 gamepad also demonstrates analog support. As is seen in the video, the Twitter user displays how the system responds to movement with the right analog stick.

In a separate tweet, the same user also presents how the DualSense controller also works with a game. In particular, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which runs while the system is in dock mode.

Being a controller not designed with the hybrid console in mind, some of the DualSense’s capabilities cannot be used. For instance, the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, which are both specially made when running PS5 titles.

Universal device communication

While seemingly uncanny, there’s actually a logical explanation for the phenomenon. In a nutshell, the effect boils down to the communication between the DualSense controller and the system itself via the adapter.

As a peripheral aimed at giving the Nintendo Switch third-party support for external controllers, the adapter acts as a universal interpreter that the Switch system understands. Meaning, any other controller, including the DualSense controller, will have similar input reactions to an official Pro controller with the adapter.

The latter statement already proved true beforehand when using the adapter enables users to use either a DualShock 4 or an Xbox One controller with the Switch. These are controllers that, while distinct from the outset, have a commonality in their fundamental designs as conventional gamepads.

Considering that the DualSense draws from the tried-and-tested design of the DualShock controller, the only difference it offers are the features unique with the PS5 experience. Something that the Switch might, most likely, cannot imitate the exact same way.

Image used courtesy of BrokenGamezHDR/YouTube Screenshot

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