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‘The Dungeon of Black Company’ manga gets a TV series adaptation


The Dungeon of Black Company is going to be an animated series soon. The hit manga just announced the TV adaptation, and fans are excited about it.

Good news for the avid readers of The Dungeon of Black Company: the manga comic series is finally coming alive through an anime adaptation.

After four years since its debut on MAG Garden’s MAGCOMI website, it’s officially going to be watched on the small screen.

The announcement

According to Crunchyroll, MAG Garden made the announcement of the series adaptation on their website on Wednesday.

The confirmation came as a surprise for many, especially for those who have been watching out for the manga’s sixth tankobon volume. They have been merely waiting for the release, which is on July 10.

But it turns out that they get more than just a new volume of the comics. There’s going to be a television version, and fans are looking forward to it.

Even the author of The Dungeon of Black Company Yohei Yasumura revealed that he is surprised at the news.

He wrote on his official Twitter account: “I’m sorry to make this announcement out of the blue, but we’re in the process of having The Dungeon of Black Company produced as a TV anime. Probably I’m surprised at the news more than anyone else in the world, thinking like ‘Seriously?’ But it’s serious. I would appreciate your support for the animated The Dungeon of Black Company!”

Aside from the announcement, MAG Garden also unveiled a visual for the anime. And though nothing much is known yet, fans can already tell that the anime series is going to be a hit.

The plot of the manga

Yasumura’s comic series takes the isekai genre. It follows the story of a man being transported into a fantasy world that changed his life forever.

The main character, Kinji, is described as a lazy man and as someone who lacks any kind of work ethic. He is a “layabout in his modern life.”

Everything changes, though, when he suddenly finds himself brought to another world. It’s nothing like a grand fantasy of a hero’s place. On top of that, he is immediately put in a terrible job.

As revealed in the synopsis, it says: “Now enslaved by an evil mining company in a fantasy world, Kinji’s about to really learn the meaning of hard work!”

The Dungeon of Black Company is expected to unveil more details regarding the TV adaptation soon. For now, fans can go through the five published volumes.

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