‘The Elders Scrolls 6’ possible release dates, rumored improvements

The Elders Scrolls 6’s possible release dates and improvement rumors have been making rounds on the internet and here are some of the things you should get hyped about.

What You Might Not Know About The Game

The game has no official name as of yet, so it is safe to stick with The Elder Scroll 6, and is still under development with not a lot of updates coming out. Nevertheless, the expectation of this game is enormous.

One thing gamers would like to see for the sixth installment would be that it would be better than the previous installments of Skyrim, which have gained massive praise from both gamers and critics even years after they have been released.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim as well as The Elder Scrolls: Online remain to be arguably the best games to play so far in the series, and the developers should take note of the content they would like to put in the sixth installment. Game Rant has mentioned that there are still a lot of ways for the game to improve and, most notably, the playable and non-playable character system since it is very typical and archetypal.

What Should Be Improved For The Elder Scrolls 6

Races should make a big difference for the next game, although it may be difficult for the developers to do. Culture, skills, and other racial abilities should be included without question. If they can somehow make it work, then the game itself will be in a league of its own in their wide variety of races to choose and customize their characters from.

In Elder Scrolls: Online, the players would be given the option to choose a race as well as an allegiance to the Ebonheart Pact, Daggerfall Covenant, or the Aldmeri Dominion. The way this can be improved in Elder Scrolls 6 would be to weigh each race further and imagine themselves in terms of survival how to enjoy the game in their way best.

This would offer a unique feature that only the sixth installment would have, as ambitious as it might sound it would be something that would bring old and new players to the game in a heartbeat and enjoy the virtual world more so than ever before.

Todd Howard had an interview with IGN and said that Elder Scrolls 6 would not likely come out this year. Since the development teams are working double-time as it is and are dealing with exhaustion. This is the burden Bethesda Game Studios is facing, and their developers can only do so much given the current crisis.

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