‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ EP returns on Instagram to explain disappearance

'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Andy Lassner

The Ellen DeGeneres Show executive producer Andy Lassner returned on Instagram to explain why he was away for more than a month.

Lassner had been away from the limelight since issues about the alleged toxic work environment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show emerged. The EP shared a video of himself, addressing fans about his absence.

Lassner’s return on Instagram

“Oh, look who it is. If it isn’t Andy Lassner. Well, yes, it is. Your eyes do not deceive you,” he said about his return.

Lassner explained he had been away to deal with “some stuff.”

“You may have read about it. It’s been a couple of rough months,” he admitted. “But it’s when we go through these things, I guess, that we learn the most about ourselves and maybe even some growth.”

Lassner continued if he would tell fans that what he had been was not rough; it was a complete lie.

“I’ve always been honest with you. So, it’s been rough. But I’m back,” he continued. “I love you guys. I miss you. And I’ll talk to you soon.”

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I’ve missed my people❤️

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WarnerMedia’s internal investigation

According to Us Weekly, Lassner had been away from the spotlight ever since WarnerMedia launched an internal investigation. The company intended to look into the allegations of “racism, fear, intimidation, and sexual misconduct,” allegedly happening on the show.

Lassner and other executive producers Ed Glavin and Mary Connelly, released a joint statement about the issue.

“[We’re] truly heartbroken and sorry to learn that even one person in our production family has had a negative experience,” they said.

Glavin and two more producers, Jonathan Norman and Kevin Leman had been ousted since then.

The controversies surrounding The Ellen DeGeneres Show

According to People, Lassner earlier hinted at the controversy The Ellen DeGeneres Show had been experiencing.

“Me: I really think 2020 is gonna turn around and start getting better,” he said. “Twenty-Twenty: Lol, I’m gonna make your bed the epicenter.”

Ellen DeGeneres, alternatively, address the issue, telling her staff, “she was not perfect.”

“I’m a multi-layered person, and I try to be the best person I can be, and I try to learn from my mistakes,” she explained. “I’m hearing that some people felt that I wasn’t kind or too short with them, or too impatient.”

She then apologized to anyone who she might have hurt their feelings “in any way.”

Another insider revealed DeGeneres had been dying to see her staff. However, she could not meet them due to the investigation.

“She really wanted them to hear from her that this is a reset,” the insider revealed. “Things are changing, and things are going to be better moving forward. And she’s committed to that.”


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