The Epic Games Store Halloween sale is now live


The Epic Games Store Halloween sale is now live. For fans of the horror genre, this is the time to get your cheap thrills with a ton of discounted games.

For those who don’t mind other storefronts, the Epic Games Store is a great place for cheap titles. They offer free games every week and consistently low prices. Their Halloween sale is now up, which means more cheap games for horror fans.

Halloween sale up to 75% off

Epic kicked off its Halloween Sale, offering up to 75% off several games. They have a substantial catalog too, which means it’s worth the money spent. EGS didn’t focus on purely scary games also, instead, they went with the theme of fast and loose.

For starters, landmark title Hades is 20% off right now, fresh off Early Access. It’s only $8.79 after the discount for hours upon hours of roguelike fun.

For those who want some FPS action, Crysis Remastered has 35% off its sticker price. The HD remaster of the legendary shooter is only $7.79 during the sale.

Purveyors of the horror genre would love the sale too. Control Ultimate Edition is only $28, while Alan Wake sells for $4.

Layers of Fear has a delicious 75% off at $6. What’s fantastic about this deal is that Layers of Fear 2 is free this week so that fans won’t miss any action.

EGS sale goes beyond horror games

Gamers looking for reliable deals right now would love the Epic Games Store. Its Halloween sale has a ton of great games at low prices. The value is there, regardless of public opinion on Epic.

Horror-themed titles like Death Stranding, World War Z GOTY Edition, and Dead Cells have something deep discounts to them. Maneater, the great Jaws simulator, is at $28 at the moment, from its original $40 price.

Vampyr, the most recent vampiric CRPG, is on a massive 70% off, too, making it a value purchase from the get-go.

Other titles available on sale include Jackbox Party Pack and WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship. There’s also Slime Rancher and Saints Row The Third Remastered.

Star Wars: Fallen Jedi also has a steep 50% off, another deep discount to consider. It’s a big sale, so it’s better to browse their entire catalog. There are non-horror titles up for grabs, too, with a lot of single-player games available.

The Epic Games Store Halloween sale will run for two weeks. It started now and will stay until November 5, 11 AM EST. For gamers looking for free stuff, they also have their weekly free games up now.

Featured image courtesy of Epic Games/Twitter

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