‘The Evil Within’ IP is registered for continued use in 2020

The Evil Within 3 has a high chance of happening in the future.

The Evil Within IP was registered in the year 2020, in August. This means that even though the developers have not made it official with their announcement, there is a high chance of the third installment.

The Evil Within is one of the fantastic horror franchises from Tango Gameworks. Since the launch of the game, it has garnered many demands from fans because of the gameplay experience and the fact that the horror count is really what players need and those who are especially into horror games.

Is the studio currently working on the new game?

While the studio is currently publicly working on the Ps5 timed exclusive named Ghostwire: Tokyo, fans still hope that there is a third installation of The Evil Within, which will take action in the recent future.

Recently there is good news for all the fans to know that the studio brought to light that The Evil Within trademark was renewed with the help of Zenimax Media on August 7th, 2020, for ‘continued use.

This is a single confrontation even though all the developers have not publicly proclaimed it, but there is something that the fans can rejoice on for now.

It brings enough hope for the franchise fans to wait for the third installation to take place.

The game has won hearts over the years

The Evil Within is one of the best horror series that Tango Gameworks have produced. The gameplay contains a ton of suspense, and at the same time, it works on the idea based on chasing, more like a survival horror.

With the launch of Resident Evil Village, it was quite prominent for all the fans that how much players like the idea of being chased down by an unknown entity.

The Evil Within second entry in the horror franchise was released only a few years ago, and it has bought immense joy for all the horror game fanatics. Fans are harboring for the third installation at some point in the future.

A look at The Evil Within IP trademark at the Trademarkia gives players another reason to know that the third installation is soon to come. On August 7th, 2020, Zenimax successfully re-registered The Evil Within IP with the United States government because it cannot be used for other franchises, and they are using it for continued work.

Of course, there has not been an official announcement made on the release of the new series, but this is just speculation from the fan’s end.


Image courtesy of INEGAVEL GAMER/YouTube

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