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The Evolution of DeFi is Promising


There is massive economic uncertainty at this time, not just in terms of where the global economy is headed but how emerging markets, like cryptocurrency, will be regulated. However, the bull-run is not slowing down. Today Bitcoin has surpassed 15 thousand USD and Ethereum has broken its 400 dollar resistance.

Although they won’t be left in the dust, BTC and ETH are not the latest developments in the crypto sphere. Innovation cannot be readily fettered and, particularly in this area, will continue to move forward. Decentralized finance (DeFi), which stands at the frontier of the space, is proof.

The tremendous amount of institutional interest in it is fostered by its potential to deliver not just more sophisticated financial ecosystems, replete with exchanges, lending services, and the like, but ones that are aligned more closely with the spirit of Bitcoin – namely, freedom and anonymity.

A number of DeFi applications have been built with Ethereum, but they are weighed down by transaction fees and scalability issues. A lack of scalability is not desirable in a network that, eventually, will be processing millions of transactions a day.

Network overload can lead to traders spending huge amounts on transaction fees, as they did with CryptoKitties in 2017. Lattice Exchange was built with Constellation Network. Its Telegram community is growing rapidly, fueled largely by its founders’ regular appearances on a variety of crypto groups.

An enthusiastic community was bound to grow up around this project. Its underlying infrastructure, as Lattice’s whitepaper and Medium articles explain, is markedly superior to Ethereum’s blockchain. This, coupled with the features it will offer, like a variety of Automated Market Makers, makes it more than competitive with centralized exchanges. Rather than relying on its decentralized nature as its only selling point, Lattice gives traders the features they want, need, and expect.

Lattice is built with Constellation. Constellation Network has a partnership with the United States Air Force. They are not the only ones who’ve seen its tremendous potential. The network employs a directed acyclic graph (DAG) that ensures unlimited scalability and top-notch security for distributed protocols and Big Data. It also allows for the storage of more complex forms of data.

For years we’ve been awash in tokens with few (or no) new features and projects with incredible plans that fail to materialize. Their community members, as one would expect, are there for a quick buck.

Lattice Exchange is a departure from the numbing comings and goings of intentionally fly-by-night operations and well-intentioned (but laughably grandiose) attempts to deliver the “next big thing.” Lattice is built with first-rate technology by a mature development team and is attracting a community to match.

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