‘The Forest’: new horror game not for the weak of heart

The Forest is one survival game which is making quite a few noises. This game has the potentiality to make it to the top.

Survival video games like The Forest generally tend to pair properly with the horror genre, and one of the fine examples of this is the forest from end-night video games.

In the woodland, players take at the role of Eric Leblanc, who survives an aircraft crash in a thick woodland with his son Timmy.

Unfortunately, Timmy is abducted by a mysterious man, and so the gamers spend the rest of the game seeking to not only live to tell the tale of the factors but find his missing son as soon as possible.

Players have to use their skill and survive in this game since the sole idea is not to die and not get eaten by the man-eaters roaming around.

How is the game developed?

Any other horror movie that at once stimulated improvement in the wooded area is 2005’s descent. For those unexpected, the descent is set a set of cave spelunkers who land up lost in a complex underground cave system that just so takes place to be populated with lethal creatures.

Just like the Forest, players are looking for a revamp of the old games as well. Meanwhile, Amnesia Rebirth has got a new reboot, and fans could not stay calm!

Simultaneously, as the bulk of the woodland takes region within the titular wooded area, players may also find themselves exploring a similar cave system, and that is where the descent proposal becomes obvious.

While many elements can make this amazing game in ps4 or 3 the best horror marathon of the decade, developers are still trying their best to find a proper system and a new play through which they can catch proper attention.

New Series is Being Released Soon

Horror fanatics who loved the woodland need to be aware that the series is persevering with a new recreation in ps4. As introduced at the game awards 2019, the sons of the forest will characteristic a comparable premise as the original game’s authentic revamp.

We are about to see some releases and promising adventure since developers from all around are coming with new ideas.

The recent plunge in the horror gaming environment has happened for various reasons, and we are seeing a variety of new releases every single decade with promising new adventures.

Image courtesy of GameSpot/YouTube Screenshot

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