The future of crypto gaming


Many believe that cryptocurrency is the future of world currency. While it’s seen as a mix of both a payment method and value store at this moment in time, blockchain technology actually has a lot of scope for advancement.

At present, the obvious way to use the tech is for payments, but the way that crypto is being used is slowly expanding over time.

In fact, we’re already seeing more and more crypto casinos on the market that offer more than just the ability to pay with Bitcoin. Many of these casinos are using blockchain technology to prove in real-time that their games are fair. While this might seem like an extremely impressive way to use the technology, at this moment in time, it’s actually just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a deeper look into what the blockchain proposes as well as its potential uses as developers get to grips with its potential.

Virtual Casinos

Virtual Reality has come back into the world in a big way. It had a little bit of fame during the 1990s when it started to be used in arcades and featured on some TV shows. However, the technology didn’t quite match up to expectations and it fell onto the backburner. This has changed over the last few years.

VR technology has improved massively in recent years and it offers a much more real and immersive experience for players. This sounds all well and good, but what does this have to do with crypto gaming?

Well, one of the latest innovations for blockchain technology is that it can be used to create a virtual real estate. This means the blockchain can be used to build on, virtually. Online casinos have seen this technology and believe that a combination of a number of different techs will allow for a truly immersive online casino experience.

The combination of VR technology, blockchain real estate, and current online casinos is expected to offer players the ability to truly enjoy a realistic casino experience from the comfort of their own homes. While the development is obviously some way off being a reality at the moment, there have been discussions about how to make this happen for some time now.

It means that in the future when you choose to play at an online casino, you won’t just be using crypto to play with, but you will actually be playing on crypto. Whether it will overtake online casinos remains to be seen. After all, VR tech still isn’t cheap. But for those who want to enjoy a truly immersive experience, this could be the next big step.

It’s also not the first step that the crypto world has taken into the running of online casinos. As previously mentioned, there are already titles that use blockchain tech to do so. This could also be expanded to provide players with the security of knowing the games they are playing are completely fair.

App Development

Another aspect that the blockchain has been earmarked for is app development. While it’s not a breakout industry at this moment in time, it is something that is starting to develop some traction. In fact, there are a number of games that are nearing full release that use the blockchain as the building blocks for the title.

Ethereum is often the network of choice due to its speed of access and ease of use. However, blockchain-based apps aren’t widespread yet. But they are increasing in popularity and interest. This is especially the case as new advancements are released to the public.

One huge possibility for blockchain-based app gaming is the ability to cross into other game worlds. Some developers are working to provide cross-compatibility with their games. A good example of this could be a sandbox space shooting game and a sandbox racing game. These two games could potentially exist within the same parameters. It would allow players from one game to move into the other. It would allow for potentially infinite amounts of growth as other types of games are added to the network.

This is obviously beyond the scope of what people are currently aiming for, but as more simplified versions of this model become available, more advanced games and possibilities will become available to players.

Cloud Computing and Hosting

Cloud computing is something that many people believe is the future of gaming. It’s already been used by many companies to operate large-scale systems and has made the move into the world of gaming too. Cloud computing isn’t something that often gets mentioned in relation to crypto, but it makes sense that it could become a big part of it in the future.

With Microsoft offering cloud computing versions of its games to players through Game Pass, this already has some mainstream support. How can crypto become a part of this, though, and would it just be a publicity stunt if it was used?

Well, the blockchain can be used as a large-scale peer-to-peer network in some regards. With cloud computing requiring some form of verification checks to take place, it would make sense for it to be built on blockchain technology.

While some of the networks that are on the market at the moment don’t have the speed or cost efficiency required to do this on a large scale, it’s only a matter of time before the software improves to allow this. Any company that wants to provide cloud gaming to its players on a large scale would be foolish to not look into the possibility of using the blockchain to build the network.

This is another aspect that is most likely a few years away from being a reality, but the potential is literally limitless for this technology. Within the next decade, it’s not unrealistic to predict that the blockchain could be used to power almost every aspect of gaming on the planet.

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