‘The God Father’ actor Robert De Niro blames US President Trump over COVID-19


Robert De Niro blames President Trump over COVID-19 outbreak. The actor continues to criticize Trump for his decisions in dealing with the pandemic.

Actor, Robert De Niro continues voice out his anger towards Trump and his decisions, especially over COVID-19 outbreak. The increase in the infection of coronavirus halted a lot of social and economic activities. As a result, the economy suffered, people lost jobs, and the movie industry shut down.

De Niro was never silent with his criticism of the president. For instance, the actor called President Trump a “pig” in his podcast. Moreover, the actor verbally attacked Trump during the 2018 Tony Awards.

Although De Niro seemed to clear the air for a few months, the actor once again lashed at Trump over COVID-19 outbreak. De Niro asserted that Trump could have prevented the outbreak, but Trump did not do anything.

Tribeca Film Festival

The criticism came after the Tribeca Film Festival was canceled due to the pandemic. The Tribeca Film Festival is an annual American Film Festival that celebrates the works of independent films. Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal co-founded the organization. The festival showcases the best of indie films in New York City.

Filmmakers and creators hoped to display their creations and latest works during the spring gathering. While the coronavirus spreads, De Niro and Rosenthal halted the development of the festival.

Robert De Niro blames Trump

The actor openly criticized the president for not preventing the spread of the virus. New York became a target of the pandemic. The number of confirmed cases rose to 170,500, and deaths increased to 13,500.

De Niro thinks that the government is slow in its response to contain the pandemic. New York was hit hard, but the White House was rather silent and deaf.

“This administration made everybody suffer so needlessly. What the president has done is beyond infuriating. He could have stopped this and he didn’t, and he doesn’t show any empathy for people. Every day, he demonstrates his ineptitude and idiocy. I can’t wait until Election Day.”

De Niro and Rosenthal seek alternatives

De Niro and Rosenthal launched digital offerings to filmmakers as an immediate solution to the canceled event. Moreover, Rosenthal called for partnerships with other festival organizations such as Cannes and Toronto festivals. Tribeca Film Festival will launch the 10-day digital film festival showcasing the works of filmmakers.

The said festival is set to air at the end of this month on Youtube. Rosenthal also added that Tribeca would use technology to bring the audiences together. The proceeds of the festival will go to the World Health Organization to support COVID-19 relief efforts.

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