‘The Good Fight’ season 4 episode 3 revealed Diane on voter outreach work

Diane begins voter outreach work on 'The Good Fight' season 4 episode 3

The Good Fight season 4 episode 3 shows Reddick, Boseman working on African-American voter outreach.

The Good Fight season 4 episode 3 will bring on a debate surrounding race in Reddick, Boseman. The discussion will start when DNC head Frank Landau asked the law firm for help with African-American voter outreach.

As with most debates, things will get heated during the discussion. For one of the partners, the arguments will become a personal one, which could result in an explosive confrontation.

Large firm acquires Reddick, Boseman

The Good Fight season 4 episode 3 will see Diane (played by Christine Baranski) returning to a different Reddick, Boseman. She had to spend nine months away from the law firm because of a coma.

In a recap, Diane found out that STR Laurie acquired Reddick, Boseman. Mr. Firth (John Larroquette) summoned her, informing her that she will be heading the firm’s pro-bono department. This delighted Diane, who looked forward to advancing her social justice work.

For her first case, Diane had to save a Mexican restaurant from demolition. She faced Louis Canning (Michael J Fox), whose client Tucker Nugent is ignoring a subpoena. Nugent was being difficult in the court, which led to him getting escorted out of the room.

Memo 618 rattles lawyers

This is where the episode introduced Memo 618. In a nutshell, Memo 618 implies that a group of rich people can escape the law unscathed and unaffected.

Judge Julius Cain (Michael Boatman) got a warning from a fellow judge. He quickly learned that he should respect the unspoken rule. As a result, she offered an apology to Nugent, which shocked his former Reddick, Boseman colleague.

Diane quickly realized that finding out what Memo 618 is a must for her. After the court scene, Nugent continued with the demolition despite Diane successfully getting a restraining order.

Christine Baranski promises an exciting season

Christine Baranski has played Diane Lockhart on television for a decade now. Since she first appeared on The Good Wife, she has become a beloved character among audiences.

In an interview, the Tony-winning actress promised that viewers will root for Diane even more. Additionally, she vowed that the CBS All Access series will be just as political as previous seasons. The first two episodes alone have already posed intriguing questions about public figures like Harvey Weinstein.

Diane continues pro-bono work on The Good Fight season 4 episode 3

Memo 618 will be an even bigger headache for Diane on The Good Fight season 4 episode 3. She will face Louis Canning, who will brazenly defend his client. Diane feels determined to prevent Memo 618 from being used in her cases again. She will do whatever it takes for her to know what Memo 618 is.

The Good Fight season 4 episode 3 will be on CBS All Access on Thursday, April 30.

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