The incredible reasons why people hate Meghan Markle so much

The incredible reasons why people hate Meghan Markle so much

It remains to be a big mystery on how people hate Meghan Markle so much since she joined the royal family. Prince Harry’s wife has been the subject of major scrutiny ever since she becomes the Duchess of Sussex.

Although some support Meghan Markle, people who hate her seem to make the noise the most. Despite the good that she is doing, continuing supporting different patronages after she stepped down as a senior royal, why do people hate Prince Harry’s wife so much?

She’s a divorced woman

Some people take her first divorce from Trevor Engelson against her. It is, reportedly, the primary reason why people do not like her.

They first met in 2004 and tied the knot in Jamaica in 2011. After only two years, the two decided to call it quits.

According to Gossip Cop, it is not the divorce that makes people hate Meghan Markle. It is how she reacts to it. In the unauthorized biography, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, Andrew Morton revealed that her decision to divorce Trevor Engelson came out of nowhere.

Allegedly, the former actress just sent her estranged husband back their wedding and engagement rings through the mail. The sudden end of their two-year marriage was seen as her way to cut people from her life if they could not further her ambitions.

Meghan Markle versus her family

Meghan Markle’s public fall out with her father, Thomas, is also another reason why people hate her. She used to talk a lot of good things about him on her now-defunct blog, The Tig.

However, a lot of her critics believe she is too hard on her dad. He has yet to see his grandson, Archie Harrison, until now. So, her detractors also think that she cut him off from her life.

The effect on the royal family

People who hate her also blame the Suits star for the royal family’s situation now. She, allegedly, poisoned Prince Harry against his own family. For some, this is not surprising at all, given the way she treats her own dad.

There are even rumors that Meghan Markle treated Queen Elizabeth II herself badly, and there is a feud between her and Kate Middleton. Critics also said that despite the royal family’s effort to support her own royal wedding, she still treats them poorly.

The verdict

Gossip Cop slammed all these adverse reports about Meghan Markle, saying that tabloids are the primary reason why there is a bunch of malicious claims about her. She and her husband, Prince Harry, are the often target of false stories and rumors, which people easily believe.

These people quickly pass this wrong information, which led to the spread of false accusations. British rapper Stormzy said there is no “credible reason” to hate the 38-year-old star.

“Meghan is a sweet woman, she does her thing… and they just hate her,” he said on the New York radio station Hot 97, via BBC. He added that criticisms about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are rubbish. If people would list the things they hated about her, they could never find anything credible on it.

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