The International 10: Dota 2 Championships’ venue is this European country

The International 10: Dota 2 Championships event

As Sweden closes its doors as likely place for The International 10: Dota 2 Championships, another door opens in Romania.

Valve is making 2021 the biggest year for a Dota 2 international competition. With a price pool that is enough to make its recipients affluent at $40 million, it’s the largest seen in esports yet.

But like any tournament, this event requires a physical location where everyone can gather and witness history in the making. Unfortunately, since the advent of COVID-19, this notion has never been more difficult to fulfill. This year is also no exception as many countries, particularly Sweden, remain tight in upholding measures against the spreading coronavirus.

The planned occasion that was set to take place in Stockholm, Sweden has, therefore, been anything but a go. This comes following the Swedish government’s refusal to grant participants of said event exceptions for a COVID-19 Visa. The decision even becoming a resounding conclusion despite appeals for an “elite sporting event”.

New Door Opens

However, as the said Nordic country chooses to shut its doors for a supposed monumental event in esports, an alternative is needed. Fortunately for Valve and the participants, they only have to look in the same continent. And, coming from Sweden’s location on the map, is a matter of skipping a country to the south. Particularly, in Romania.

The country of Romania is not necessarily lax about the goings-on with COVID-19. It comes with its own restrictions in response to it, too. But it would not be classified as intensive as to completely shut people off from gathering. Technically, the country only allows the gathering of up 50 people when doing so outdoors. But the number of which is significantly expanded to 70, when doing so at a more spacious venue such as outdoors.

Yet, it is also worth knowing that the said constraints mostly apply to those who haven’t yet their vaccine. Otherwise, the policy becomes more lenient to enable up to 1000 people meeting at a certain location just fine.

Uncertain Factor

As Bucharest’s Arena Nationala can accommodate as many as 55,000 people, how many vaccinated people will be allowed in it remains uncertain. While the 1000 people in that number is certain to make their way into the venue, others technically are not. This is not to say that the grand event will be full to the brim when it does launch. But, then again, why cannot it be, considering the history that is about to take place in it?

The International 10: Dota 2 Championships will be making history between 7th to 10th and 12th to 17th of October, 2021.

Image used courtesy of Dota 2

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