The KFConsole includes built-in chicken warmer your PS5 doesn’t

KFConsole has shared its new personalized console, a built-in chicken warmer, and lets players enjoy eating and playing all day.

What is the oddest duo you have ever witnessed? Peanut butter and jelly? Robin and Batman? Chicken and a console? How cool is that? Well, KFC Gaming and Cooler Master have teamed up together to create a game console with a built-in roaster.

What is new?

The KFConsole is called the Bargain Bucket. The Bargain Bucket is a machine shaped built-in roaster that even consists of an internal cooling system and helps you extract heat.

It is the world’s first device that consists of a chicken chamber. It is specifically designed to keep the contents hot and ready so that you can consume it anytime.

The chicken is kept ready for consumption for intense gaming sessions.

KFC says that this is the perfect duo for everyone who is a hardcore gamer.

The American fast-food chain is no longer a stranger to the unique PR stunts that they have pulled. KFC has recruited many ways through which customers have stayed with the retail team for years.

Celebrities such as Rob Lowe, Ray Liotta, Billy Zane, Reba McEntire have been advertised for the brand.

The new KFConsole scheme is a classic way for engagement

KFC has said that they are pleased to give the fans what they want finally. The fans have taken to Twitter and have shared their excitement over the new console shared by the brand.

KFC knows that the console war is a vicious cycle. Right now, the gaming market has its wars between PS5 and Xbox.

But as KFC has released their new console, users try to understand how the new system will work.

“The new console will surely be greasy.”

As said, KFConsole has a built-in chicken warmer for the players to grab a bite when hungry.

So the new console is VR-ready, supports 4K TVs, and has around 2 Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs. The machine is undoubtedly a real lifesaver for long lockdown hours of button smashing.

Players can game with their friends and eat at the same time while the game is lagging. So being hungry and mad at the same time is now just a thought for players.

KFConsoles can make the next generation kitchen utilities as well. It will help everyone to stay happy, game, and eat their favorite chicken!


Image courtesy of KFC Gaming/YouTube Screenshot

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