‘The Killer of the Reincarnated: Cheat Slayer’: Homura Kawamoto to release new ‘Kakegurui’-like manga

The Killer of the Reincarnated: Cheat Slayer

Homura Kawamoto will treat fans with a new manga, titled Isekai Tenseisha Koroshi – Cheat Slayer or The Killer of the Reincarnated: Cheat Slayer.

As this comes from the genius mind behind the hit gambling psycho-thriller Kakegurui, fans expect the new manga to be as intense as his first work. The Killer of the Reincarnated: Cheat Slayer will also feature a strong female character, so readers are about to see another girl-power here.

New Kawamoto manga details and more

Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age announced the coming of Kawamoto’s new manga, which will be part of its next issue.

It shows a visual featuring a strong female character with white hair and red eyes. According to Epic Dope, these features allude to the characteristics of a crazy omnipotent character in the manga world.

In the snap, she is hugging a boy, seeming to be afraid and crying while holding a sword in his hand.

So, what does this visual mean? There are theories that the female character may have manipulated the guy into killing someone.

Is the woman from The Killer of the Reincarnated: Cheat Slayer from another world and the boy is special?

Whatever the case will be, the upcoming manga has a lot of questions to answer.

New manga’s plot details

Like Kakegurui, The Killer of the Reincarnated: Cheat Slayer is a psycho-thriller isekai manga with a character that kills people who reincarnate from another world.

The woman is taking her revenge as she is filled with hate and desire feelings.

By the looks of it, fans have a lot to learn in this Kawamoto manga—a new story that needs to be explored.

Kakegurui first launched in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker magazine in March 2014. Yen Press then released it in English, per Anime News Network.

The manga also has an anime adaptation, which was out in 2017 in Japan. It then made its way on Netflix in 2018 and received its second season in 2019.

To seal its success and fame, it has a 10-episode live-action show in Japan in 2019, which Netflix also streamed. It also had its second season in 2019, followed by a live-action film in the same year.

The title is about to have a live-action sequel, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyhow, it now receives a new date, on Wednesday, May 12.

The Killer of the Reincarnated: Cheat Slayer will be out along Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age’s next issue on June 9.

Featured image used courtesy of Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

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