The lady in ‘Resident Evil Village’ is taller than the tallest recorded human

The vampire lady in Resident Evil is noted to be taller than the tallest recorded human, even taller than some elephants.

If you have been following the recent news regarding Resident Evil Village, the next new hit in the franchise, you might have heard about Lady Dimitrescu. She is a very popular tall vampire who is supposedly the main antagonist of the game.

Seriously, she is really tall. And when we are talking about heights, we can say that this lady vampire is taller than the tallest recorded human being.

What is her exact height?

Many have wondered about the exact height of Lady Dimitrescu. Kotaku’s Ash Parrish has gone to great lengths to explain that she is 96 inches tall, i.e., 8 feet.

On Monday evening, the Resident Evil Twitter account revealed that his guess was almost -nowhere close.

If you include all the hats and her accessories, then Lady stands at about 2.9 meters tall. It equates to a height of about 9 feet and 6 inches. Resident Evil Village‘s art director Takano has included all the details.

That sounds terrifying

By the looks of the game, it surely sounds terrifying to some players.

If you are a 6 feet tall person then you have to crack your neck to look at her. That is a perfect way to expose your neck where she can chomp it down.

Here are some of the few comparisons which are made on Lady Dimitrescu’s height.

  • Lady Dimitrescu can slam dunk Robert Wadlow. Guinness Book of World Records has said that he is the tallest man in the universe.
  • Lady Dimitrescu can go to the African Wildlife Foundation and peek at an ostrich. An ostrich will stand at about 9 feet tall.
  • She is even taller than some of the elephants. According to the elephants in Africa, their height is estimated at around 8 feet and 3 inches.

Basically, the game developers have to say that she is extremely tall, but fans have one question that raises eyebrows. If Lady Dimitrescu takes off her hat and kicks of her boots, how tall will she be? Shall she be at the same height?

Guess players have to wait for the game to be released to identify her real height and anticipate what the new game brings for them.

The Resident Evil Village will be out on May 7th, so players don’t have to wait much longer.


Image courtesy of Zanar Aesthetics/YouTube Screenshot

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