‘The Last Dance’ Episode 5 reveals Michael Jordan’s rivalry with Kobe Bryant

The basketball documentary series, The Last Dance episode 5 recently revealed the clear rivalry of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in the court.

ESPN’s The Last Dance season 1 episode 5 flaunted the relationship of the two most iconic names in the NBA world. Michael Jordan and the young Kobe Bryant first encountered each other in the 1998 NBA All-Star game. 

Kobe Bryant, like any other rookie player, posed a threat to Jordan’s kingship in the NBA. The 1998 NBA game became an obvious ground where Kobe made an astonishing attack on the supremacy of Jordan in the ring.

Kobe Bryant who was still a rookie for the Lakers was clearly getting attention from the fans as he was secured a spot as a Western Conference starter. While keeping his moves competitive, Jordan was seemingly threatened by  Kobe’s fast break performances.

Michael Jordan rivals Kobe Bryant

In the fifth episode of the Last Dance, Jordan had seemingly accused Kobe Bryant of cheating on defense. Jordan told his teammate Eastern Conference teammate Tim Hardaway, 

“He don’t let the game come to him. He just go out there and take it. ‘I’m going to make this s**t happen. I’m gonna make this a one-on-one game’.

With Jordan’s reaction to Kobe’s game method, it’s evident that Michael would not back down on people who will be taking his pedestal. 

The documentary was not specific about what happened, but Jordan was infected with a flu which was the reason he had to cancel his golf game in Las Vegas with Charles Barkley.

Michael did not let his team down as he was still the MVP awardee of the game, scoring on 23 points on 10/18 shooting. Bryant, on the other hand, was also a performer but was overshadowed with Jordan’s performance throughout the game as he was back to the bench. 

Piston’s Isiah Thomas who was part of the broadcast team expressed that Kobe had challenged Jordan during their match. However, Jordan proved that he was still the winner.

Michael and Kobe made up

Though the rivalry between the Jordan and Bryant are transparent, Bryant had asserted that Michael was a brother to him who helped him throughout his NBA career. It appears that  Jordan became a mentor to Kobe, giving him essential techniques and methods on the court. 

Bryant also conveyed that he would not be getting the championships if not for Michael’s guidance and advice. 

Kobe Bryant finished filming his episodes before his death

Kobe Bryant had already finished filming his scenes a week after his death. Jordan who went to his memorial service had described Kobe as his little brother. 

In the succeeding episodes, The Last Dance will continue with the life documentary of Jordan and the rest of the NBA stars.

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