‘The Last Dance’ update: Kobe’s interview, season 2 possibilities

'The Last Dance' update: Kobe's interview, season 2 possibilities

The Last Dance docuseries has undeniably captured the hearts of basketball fans. Now they’re wondering if there’s going to be a season 2. Director Jason Hehir has also revealed some details on their interview with Kobe Bryant for the documentary.

The Last Dance is a sports documentary miniseries following the basketball career of the legendary Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls season.

It covers the quest of the team to win a sixth NBA title in eight years. Because of the success of the docuseries on ESPN and Netflix, questions of a season 2 surfaced.

Is it possible to have a season 2?

According to reports, Season 2 of The Last Dance featuring Jordan and the 90s Chicago Bulls is not likely to happen. The first season covers a definitive account of Jordan’s basketball journey beginning from high school to college.

And then it goes all the way through his career up to the very end of it. This means that it’s unlikely for the show to be able to come up with a continuing story after Jordan’s departure from the team.

However, it’s not entirely impossible to have a season 2. In the fifth episode, the show featured the late Kobe Bryant. He was interviewed about the impact of Jordan as well as his title of being the next to sit on Jordan’s throne.

It was a never-before-seen footage filmed before he tragically died in a helicopter crash. With his appearance, it raised the potential of a new season of The Last Dance.

Perhaps after season 1, the creators of the documentary will put the spotlight on Bryant and his time with the LA Lakers. Lakers legend Magic Johnson thinks that a Kobe series is possible.

He had cameras documenting his every move in the final season in NBA in 2015/16. If they are going to make him the star of season 2, fans may get to see behind-the-scenes and probably a peek into his world with his family.

Interview with Bryant

Director Hehir revealed to Insider that the interview they did with Bryant was a short one. He was given 25 minutes only as the basketball player came with a tight schedule.

Hehir said: “I had to work hard, which was unusual in this process because normally people are ready to sit down and heap praise on Michael.”

The director also detailed how Bryant wasn’t exactly open to talking about Jordan as much as he hoped for. But he eventually came around and shared about the 1998 All-Star Game.

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