‘The Last Guardian’ at 60fps is a joy to play on PlayStation 5


The Last Guardian running on PS5 has the joy ride of 60 frames per second as it helps all players to enjoy the game ultimately.

The ultimate way to play The Last Guardian is to run it on your PS5. The game has gone through some development changes, and now, it can run up to 60 frames per second.

See the director’s creation smoothly in the new update

To see Ueda’s creation so smoothly, you need to play The Last Guardian on this platform, which is certainly different than its original release.

In fact, by default, when the game was first launched, it ran at a default speed of about 30 frames per second.

Players had to get their hands on the original gold master of the game. It included having to run through the Blu-ray-disc while configuring the settings and then launching the game.

There are a ton of legacies that have seen their improvement in this platform. The Last Guardian is such a classic improvement since it was challenging to run the game to its full potential through the other platforms.

Players have complained several times during their playthrough. On PS4 Pro, whether you ran the game at 1080p or via its 4K output mode, many bottlenecks slowed the performance.

Though this game clearly got a smooth ride on its HD output, there were still drawbacks.

Installing the game on PS5 resolves patches too

The Last Guardian on PS5 is surely a blessing for many. Installing the game on PS5 resolves all patchworks and even takes the slowdown issues into account.

The later stages of the game become far more interesting when players are playing at this rendition. If you had played the game, there are two versions available.

One is for the PS4 Pro, and the other is for PS5. For the former, in fact, running the game on 30 frames per second, while the 4K rendering and PS4 Pro support were in, the HDR was not.

By sticking to the 1.0 code, there are no further more ways through which the game could have been improved. But for the PS4 batches, you have to update the game every time you reboot it.

Speaking of which, the 60fps rendition for The Last Guardian on PS5 is surely a stunning way to play the game. The last-gen classic gets a new lease on life with this amazing update for all PS5 players.

The Last Guardian is a part of PS5 giveaways to users and those subscribed to PlayStation Plus.


Image courtesy of PlayStation Europe/YouTube Screenshot

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