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‘The Last Kingdom’ season 4 filled with legendary deaths


The Last Kingdom season 4 which was recently released in Netflix is back with more twists. Showrunner Nigel Marchant confirmed the deaths of many characters in the series.

Based on the Saxon Stories of Bernardo Cornwell’s historical fiction novel, The Last Kingdom season 4 continues the life of Uhtred Ragnarson, who was born a Saxon but raised as a Dane. Throughout its four seasons,  The Last Kingdom has conveyed that death is inevitable even to the heroes of the story.

The third season of The Last Kingdom revealed the death of some major characters, including King Alfred (David Dawson), Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann), Aethelwold (Harry McEntire), and Thyra (Julia Bache-Wiig).

Showrunner Nigel Marchant hints deaths for season 4

Showrunner Nigel Marchant disclosed that series will portray the danger of what will happen in a battle.  Following the deaths of the many from season one to three, the fourth season will not be exempted.

In the early episode of  The Last Kingdom season 4, Father Beocca played by Ian Hart was killed with an arrow struck to his heart.  This scene transpired during Uhhred’s plan of invading his childhood home, Bebbanburg. He jumped in front of Uhtred’s son to save him from the arrow.

Marchant added that  Ian Hart is a good actor and has been part of the series’ main cast. However, the series has to be realistic when it comes to fighting on the battlefield.  Uhtred and his men were able to escape but the body of Father Beocca was left behind.

More details

In a later episode, the series also unraveled the death of Aethelflaed’s husband. Aethelred (Toby Regbo) who became injured during the battle against the Danes. However,  he was killed by his commander, Eardwulf.

The battle also took the life of the Danes’ leader, Cnut, but not under the warrior’s hand, but with Brida’s.  She overheard him killing Ragnar while fighting with Uhtred. Brida did not hesitate to kill Cnut.

Showrunner Marchant also talks about the possibility of death in the character of Brida, played by Emily Cox. The battle against the Danes caused defeat to Cnut’s warriors and she was held captive by the Welsh kingdom. The Last Kingdom Season 4 may be the last series for Emily Cox.

What to expect from next episodes of  The Last Kingdom Season 4

Since the Danes are momentarily defeated, the series may shift to the conflict between Mercia and Wessex.  After the battle, King Edward, Alfred’s son, took over the leadership in Mercia at the death of King Aethelred, King Edward.

There is the possibility of conflict between the two kingdoms as King Edward tried to impose Wessex’s leadership. On the other hand, the sickness that seems to be creating a pandemic in the land may also cause deaths to the characters.

Is The Last Kingdom Renewed for Season 5

Although the story of Uhtred has not yet come to an end, there has been no final statements from the producers about the renewal of the series.  Furthermore, the pandemic has halted most of the movie and series production this year. If there will be a renewal, the production team may have to start in 2022.

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