‘The Last Kingdom’ season 4: New characters, more epic battles

'The Last Kingdom' season 4: New characters, more epic battles

The Last Kingdom is returning with a new season and it’s going to be bloodier.

It’s a good time to be stuck at home for the fans of the British historical fiction as it will be returning to the small screen for season 4. 

Renewed in December 2018, The Last Kingdom season 4 will premiere on Sunday, April 26 on Netflix. The show has also released several promotions on their social media account including a full trailer. 

The TV series trailer is promising fans a whole new season filled with drama, medieval challenges, and bloody battles.

The storyline

According to reports, season 4 will be making a time jump to 10 years later from the last events of its predecessor. This will mean that Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) will be slightly older while his children will be all grown-ups.

Season 4 will also show Uhtred embarking on a journey to try to unite the alliances between fractured kingdoms

Also, Uhtred seemed finally settled on Saxon after his confusion with his identity as he was born a Saxon but raised a Dane. 

And while he is on that, he will face his evil uncle Aelfric (Joseph Millson), who stole his inheritance, and reclaim what is rightfully his. 

Fierce warrior Brida (Emily Cox) will remain loyal to the Danes despite her loving bond with Uhtred. She will also be growing closer with fellow warrior Cnut (Magnus Bruun), which can mean that Brida and Uhtred’s friendship will end. 

Meanwhile, the love story between Uhtred and Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) may finally progress into something deeper. As seen in the trailer, the two are getting close, appearing to share a passionate kiss.

On the throne is King Edward (Timothy Innes) following the death of his father. He will be facing challenges as he continues to keep the Danish warriors from conquering Wessex and killing the Saxon people.

New characters

With so many characters dead from the last season, it’s no surprise that there are going to be new faces.

First on the list is a character named Eadith, played by British actress Stefanie Martini. Eadith is a mistress to Aethelred of Mercia (Toby Regbo) and sister of his Eardwulf (Jamie Blackley), Aethelred’s new right-hand man.

Another new face is actress Ruby Hartley who will be playing the grown-up daughter of Uhtred, Stiorra. Her love interest is Sigtryggr (Eysteinn Sigudarson). 

The Witcher’s Ossian Perret will also be joining the cast as Wihtgar although nothing is known much about his character yet.

Featured image courtesy of The Last Kingdom/YouTube

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