‘The Last Kingdom’ season 5: Release date, details and Brida’s baby

'The Last Kingdom' season 5: Release date, details and Brida's baby

The Last Kingdom has not made any announcement on a season renewal yet. But, fans are expecting it will get a season 5.

It’s been two months already since The Last Kingdom season 4 dropped on Netflix. Until now, fans are looking out for a season 5 announcement. Will the British historical fiction television series get renewed?

Pending renewal

According to reports, the status of The Last Kingdom season 5 is still pending. But considering all the loose threads during the season 4 finale, there’s a possibility that it will return soon.

The executive producer of the series, Nigel Marchant, said in an interview that they are very hopeful and they’d love to do the fifth run.

“I think all of us want to tell a story and it’s always much more satisfying if you can tell a complete story throughout all the various seasons,” Marchant said. “I think I speak for everyone when I say that we really do love making it.”

They are clearly still waiting for the green light. However, the show is said to be doing incredibly well in viewership rating.

It appeared in numerous top tens lists around the world, specifically in Germany and France. Former showrunner Stephen Butchard also stated that he expects the production to be continued even if progress is slow for now.

When will season 5 be released?

Assuming that there is a season 5, it’s most likely going to be a long wait until fans can watch it.

Production of fiction historical-drama series like The Last Kingdom is a lengthy process. This could mean that season 5 won’t be out until the very end of 2021. It may even end up in 2022.

Nothing is certain for now especially since the world still continues to battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Restrictions and precautions are still being followed, impacting productions.

Will Brida’s baby survive?

As mentioned earlier, the show has a lot of unanswered questions. One of those is regarding Brida’s baby.

Brida, played by Emily Cox, was last seen pregnant with Cnut’s child and going into labor all by herself. She had no one to help her get through it, which left fans wondering if the baby will survive.

The feisty character has not had much luck when it comes to having children. She already once lost a baby with Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and was cursed by the witch Skade (Thea Sofie Loch Naess).

But at the end of season 3, Brida destroyed the curse and she was able to have babies again. There’s a possibility that her baby with Cnut will survive as it may set her on a path to redemption.

Fans will have to stay tuned for The Last Kingdom season 5 to find out how things will turn out for Brida.

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