‘The Last Kingdom’ season 5 returns on Netflix; Release, plot details revealed

The historical fiction series, The Last Kingdom season 5 will officially return to Netflix. Moreover, fans are now anticipating the release of the Anglo-Saxon series.

Based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Series, The Last Kingdom is a Netflix Original series that is most anticipated by both Book readers and series watchers alike. It centers around a man named Uhtred and his adventures at Anglo-Saxon England.

The series was once co-produced by British Broadcaster BBC and Netflix. However, at the start of the third season, the production is solely developed by Netflix. The official renewal of the series’ fifth installment came from the official Twitter account of Netflix. Furthermore, the cast of The Last Kingdom has also confirmed their return to the series.


The Last Kingdom season 5 plot

The fifth installment is presumably based on the ninth and tenth book series, entitled The Warriors of the Storm and The Flame Bearer.  It will delve into how Uhtred learns that Bubbenburg is not his only option.

Destiny has grander plans to make him stay in England. Especially now that he has been entrusted of training King Edward’s first-born son, Aethelstan. Uhtred is about to face his greatest fear and enemies yet and will have more losses. What more can a warrior fear than losing his wife and son?

Furthermore, Showrunner Nigel Marchant shared a glimpse of what could happen in the next season. He said:

“We don’t like to deviate from the books, we like to keep the characters and the essence there, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. But that’s not to say that we couldn’t see them in the future.”

Where is Uhtred’s youngest son?

The Last Kingdom season 4’s ending was spectacular, but there is a question that all fans have been wondering since the season ended. Why is Uthred’s youngest son not mentioned in Season 4?

It is a known fact in the series that Uhtred has four children. All his other children were mentioned and were even seen in season four. However, no one pointed out the existence of the third son. It is almost like he did not exist at all.

Fans are waiting for the answers to their questions. They are hoping that season 5 will somehow shed light on some of the questions surrounding the series.

The Last Kingdom trailer and release date

Unfortunately, there is no release date yet given by the production team. And the official trailer might still be in development. The usual 18-months production cycle might have an extension because of the ongoing pandemic.


Image Courtesy of BestFlix/Youtube Screenshot

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